L'automatisation du futur

L'automatisation du futur

La technique d'automatisation du futur sera rapide, robuste et simple à utiliser. Avec Axiocontrol et Axioline, Phoenix Contact propose un système performant et intelligent basé sur des commandes performantes et parfaitement adaptées les unes aux autres, et sur des systèmes d'E/S. Découvrez de nouvelles possibilités d'automatisation.

The Axiocontrol and Axioline automation system includes compact and high-performance controllers, plus for optimum connection: I/O systems for the control cabinet and the field. All components are designed
for maximum performance, easy handling, and use in harsh industrial

  • Complete system for the control cabinet and the field – with coordinated controllers and I/O systems
  • Extremely robust – thanks to the excellent EMC design, shock-tested housing, and integrated uninterruptible power supply
  • Quick and easy wiring, thanks to push-in connection technology and SPEEDCON rapid interlock system
  • Simplified startup and maintenance – with USB port, rotary coding switch, and SD card slot
  • Communication in realtime – thanks to cycle times of just one microsecond per I/O module

Trend-setting control technology: Axiocontrol

Axiocontrol controller  

Your basis for versatile automation: Axiocontrol PLC

Axiocontrol controllers are at the heart of a powerful automation system. Whether as a compact or high-performance controller: Axiocontrol is always characterized by easy handling and a particularly robust design. 

The extremely sturdy housing, excellent EMC properties, and integrated UPS provide the basis for this.

Together with the Axioline I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol offers maximum speed thanks to direct bus connection.

The I/O system for the control cabinet: Axioline F

Versatile use thanks to the network openness of Axioline F  

Versatile use thanks to the network openness of Axioline F

Axioline F is the I/O system from Phoenix Contact with a modular design for the control cabinet. The Axioline F series enables the shortest response times and is also characterized by its particularly robust design and easy handling. 

Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols, Axioline F offers maximum flexibility. Use the wide range of functions and the modules of varying width in the Axioline F portfolio for your individual solution.

The I/O system for field installation: Axioline E

Axioline E: particularly flexible thanks to network openness and housing versions  

Axioline E in IP65/IP67: particularly robust and network-open

Axioline E is the I/O system from Phoenix Contact with a block design for field installation. Axioline E is quick to install, has a particularly robust mechanical design, and is extremely easy to handle.

Thanks to its network openness, Axioline E is very versatile. Choose between two housing versions according to the application: metal or plastic housing.


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