Industrial WLAN

Industrial WLAN

Flexible wireless solution

Wireless LAN – the standard for wireless Ethernet. Benefit from the advantages of this fully-fledged technology in industrial applications.

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    Industrial WLAN

    Devices for industrial WLAN networks for the integration of mobile or interchangeable automation components in Ethernet networks.

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Digitalization of industry is close at hand, which means that powerful industrial communication networks are required. Industrial WLAN is one of the key technologies here, and represents outstanding performance and reliability. We provide you with the necessary products, solutions, and services for setting up reliable, wireless WLAN communication solutions. A complete WLAN infrastructure from a single source, or individual products for integration into existing WLAN networks – whatever your situation, you will not need to look any further.

Your advantages

  • Reliable wireless communication with MIMO antenna technology and data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps (gross)
  • Suitable for safety applications with functionally safe data transmission via SafetyBridge or PROFIsafe
  • Flexible in application: Optimized for industrial protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, and others
  • High-speed reliable roaming for mobile applications
  • Professional support during planning and realization, based on many years of experience

Typical WLAN network structure

Typical setup of a WLAN network

WLAN 5110 – the flexible WLAN solution for the control cabinet

WLAN 5110 installed in the control cabinet  

WLAN 5110 installed in the control cabinet

WLAN 5110 is the compact WLAN module for control cabinets and control boxes. External antenna connections allow flexible use of antennas to match the respective application. Thus, a broad range of directional antennas can be installed, whether unidirectional long-range antennas, omnidirectional antennas for covering large areas, or leakage-cable antennas for track-guided electric monorail systems.

  • Compact design – suitable for control boxes in the field
  • Cluster management technology for the central configuration of all access points in a WLAN-infrastructure network
  • Two external antenna connections for the flexible use of antennas
  • Comprehensive user-friendly functions simplify commissioning and maintenance

WLAN 1100 and WLAN 2100 – the WLAN solutions for machine building

WLAN 1100 installed on a control cabinet  

The WLAN 1100 all-in-one solution

WLAN 1100 and WLAN 2100 are inexpensive comprehensive WLAN solutions with integrated antennas and a wireless module in a single device. The wireless module is mounted easily onto machines or automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) via single-hole mounting.

  • Quick and easy full WLAN reception at all times
  • Two integrated special antennas for reliable wireless communication in industrial environments.
  • Quick and easy installation with single-hole mounting
  • Extremely robust housing, shockproof in accordance with IK08
  • Extended temperature range and protection class IP66/IP68 for wireless communication in harsh environments (WLAN 2100 only)

WLAN 1010 and WLAN 2010 – compact wireless modules for external antennas

Compact wireless module with external antenna connections  

The compact WLAN 1010 wireless module with external antenna connections

The industrial WLAN 1010 and WLAN 2010 WLAN wireless modules are particularly compact. They were developed for applications that demand a high level of flexibility in selecting and positioning the antennas. These include, for example, compact machine systems, warehouse shuttles, and mobile robots.

The WLAN modules feature the same properties and functions as the 1000- and 2000-series WLAN modules. These include high reliability, a robust industrial device design, the reliable MIMO wireless technology, and high-speed roaming. You can configure and control the modules using a controller or a PC via a new REST API.

WLAN EPA – enables device WLAN-capability quickly and easily

The Ethernet port adapter for use in the field  

The Ethernet port adapter for use in the field

The Ethernet port enables WLAN capability in industrial automation devices with Ethernet connection quickly and easily. The IP65 turnkey solution is installed directly in the field and is connected to the automation device via an M12 Ethernet cable.

  • Compact IP65 module with integrated antenna
  • M12 connections for Ethernet and power
  • Easy installation in the field
  • Easy configuration with the Mode button
  • Maximum data throughput: 20 Mbps

TC ROUTER 4102T-4G EU WLAN – the WLAN solution for remote stations


TC ROUTER with integrated WLAN interface

The TC ROUTER 4102T-4G EU WLAN is a 4G cellular router for infrastructure applications. It connects remote substations to the control room or cloud via VPN. The router also features an integrated WLAN interface.  

  • Extended temperature range for any climate
  • Cellular router and WLAN access point in one space-saving device
  • Integration of local WLAN devices or wireless access to the application on site
  • Internet access via a separate guest network for the technician’s laptop or smartphone
  • Connection of a system as WLAN client with cellular fallback

WLAN accessories and antennas

Suitable antennas for our WLAN products  

Suitable antennas for our WLAN products

Good signal reception is key for high-speed and reliable wireless communication. Therefore, installing high-quality antennas that are suitable for the respective application is essential. We provide the ideal antenna accessories for every application.

  • Omni-directional antennas for a large-area wireless field in all directions
  • Directional antennas for a unidirectional wireless field over long distances
  • Leakage cable antennas for track-led applications, e.g. electric monorail systems

WLAN products in comparison

FL WLAN 511xFL WLAN 101x, FL WLAN 201xFL WLAN 110x, FL WLAN 210xFL EPA 2,

IN the control cabinet,
IN control boxes

DIN rail adapter

IN the control cabinet,
IN control boxes

DIN rail adapter (optional*) or wall mounting

ON the control cabinet, machines, etc.

Single-hole mounting

ON control cabinets, walls

Wall mounting

WLAN standards

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

Maximum data rate (gross)

300 Mbps

300 Mbps

300 Mbps

130 Mbps

Maximum data rate (net)

<90 Mbps

>60 Mbps (WLAN 101x)

<90 Mbps (WLAN 201x)

>60 Mbps

<20 Mbps

Antennas includedNo: Up to two external connections (RSMA)No: Up to two external connections (RSMA)Yes: Two internal (5 dBi)Yes: Two internal or external (RSMA version) (3 dBi)
Maximum transmission power19 dBm (antenna connection)19 dBm (antenna connection)20 dBm (incl. antennas)15 dBm (antenna connection)

Yes: WLAN 2010

(IEC Ex: WLAN 1011, 2011)

Class 1, Division 2Yes: WLAN 5101Yes: WLAN 1011, 2011Yes: WLAN 1101, 2101Yes
Operating modes

Access point, repeater, client

Access point, client, mesh (WLAN 201x only)

Access point, client, mesh (WLAN 210x only)

Access point, client

Multiple WLAN interfaces

Yes: Virtual dual access point or access point and client

Yes: Virtual dual access point or access point and client

Yes: Virtual dual access point or access point and client

Individual access point or client

Maximum number of WLAN clients per AP


10 (WLAN 101x)

60 (WLAN 201x)

10 (WLAN 110x)

60 (WLAN 210x)


Connections2 x RJ45, SD card slot for configuration1 x RJ451 x RJ45M12, power and data
Degree of protectionIP20IP20

IP54 (WLAN 110x)

IP68 (WLAN 210x)



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Cluster Management Technology

Configure Wireless LAN networks easily and securely.

The WLAN solution for machine building

Implementing a stable wireless reception quickly with the WLAN 1100.

WLAN 1100

Access Point and antenna in just one device.