Fixing material for the control cabinet

Mounting material

We offer a comprehensive range of mounting material for the control cabinet. Attach electrical connections and components quickly and safely using suitable mounting devices. Make the best use of the space available in the control cabinet by combining mounting materials.

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Your advantages

  • Space-saving and convenient installation of DIN rails
  • Easy clamping strip fixation due to various end bracket variants
  • Good neutral connection with neutral busbars and various support brackets
  • Simple cable bundling and fixing with various cable tie variants

New products

RailFIX mounting adapter below a DIN rail


Efficient mounting of DIN rails

RailFIX simplifies the mounting of assembled DIN rails. As a part of this, the adapters are first screwed onto the mounting panel. The terminal strip is then pushed onto the mounting hooks, levered into the mounting position, and secured with a mounting screw. Upon completion of this, the DIN rail is firmly anchored to the mounting panel.

Main features

  • Fixed centering pin for economical mounting of the adapters
  • Mounting slots for mounting using a standard screwdriver
  • System locking with a standard M5 screw
  • Available for NS 35/7,5 and NS 35/15 steel DIN rails
  • Shielding via conductive material

Your Advantages

  • Simple mounting process for assembled DIN rails
  • Individual components do not have to be removed for DIN rail mounting
  • Compatible with DIN rails with the standard 15 mm x 6.2 mm hole pattern
  • Vibration-resistant for safe transport of the control cabinet
  • High robustness of the material (metal)

Perforated and unperforated DIN rails

DIN rails

DIN rails

The portfolio of DIN rails includes various DIN rail versions. On the one hand, the standardized DIN rails are a part of the portfolio. This group of DIN rails includes various standard dimensions such as the NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, and NS 15 versions. The DIN portfolio also includes galvanized and uncoated DIN rails. Perforated and non-perforated DIN rails are also available. In addition to these DIN rails, the DIN rail portfolio also includes C-type and G-type DIN rails.

End brackets for snap-in mounting

End brackets for snap-in mounting

End brackets

The product line of end brackets consists of various end brackets for DIN, C-type, and G-type DIN rails. For the widely used DIN rails, snap-on end brackets are also available in addition to the screw-on end brackets. These end brackets can be snapped onto the DIN rail without tools and without the need for further fixing measures. While snapping on, the end brackets cut into the metal of the DIN rail, giving them a particularly tight fit. In addition, the snap-on end brackets are maintenance-free. Just like with the screw-on end brackets, these end brackets can only be loosened with a screwdriver. This prevents unintentional loosening.

Neutral busbars

Neutral busbars

Neutral busbars and support brackets

For easy installation of neutral conductors, the portfolio has three different types of neutral busbars. The dimensions 6 x 6 mm and 3 x 10 mm are represented here. Various support brackets are available for installing the neutral busbars. The largest selection here is for the 3 x 10 versions. Here, you can choose between adapters for mounting on the DIN rail or for direct mounting. The rail-mounted NLS adapters are available in different designs. This allows the distance of the NLS to the DIN rail and the height of the rail to be controlled.