Profile and DIN rail cutters

Profile and DIN rail cutters

The profile and DIN rail cutters from Phoenix Contact enable quick, easy, and burr-free cutting with no reworking required. Optimum leverage ensures comfortable and low-fatigue use. Various models are available - for a variety of profile geometries, with punching function, as well as compact and mobile systems.

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Your advantages

  • No rework: Burr-free cutting
  • Minimum effort and low impact with leverage
  • Durable – high-quality components and raw materials
  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range
Cutting tool: profile and DIN rail cutters

Cutting with millimeter precision

Ensure a clean and safe work environment: Cut plastic or metal profiles without burrs using the profile and rail cutter.

With profile and DIN rail cutters, you can set the length quickly and conveniently using a limit stop. The engraved millimeter and inch area on the measuring rail is robust and permanently legible.

Man using PPS COMPACT DIN rail cutter

The compact DIN rail cutter for mobile use

Using the PPS COMPACT DIN rail cutter, you can cut DIN rails to length cleanly, without chips, and without further processing. The DIN rails are quickly and easily inserted into the cutting device via the guide elements.

The light weight DIN rail cutter is also ideally suited for working on site with its compact design. Simple, precise measurement of the DIN rails is guaranteed with the aid of the optional measuring rail or a tape measure.