Wastewater treatment

Do you want to automate your plant technology to clean and dispose of municipal or industrial wastewater environmentally and correctly? Would you like to set up your business as efficiently as possible and thus save not only resources but also costs?

Benefit from globally active experts who can help you to construct new plants or to optimize your existing wastewater treatment plant. Phoenix Contact offers comprehensive automation solutions for future-proof wastewater management.

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Aerial photo of a wastewater treatment plant in Scotland
Specialist personnel at the final purification tank

Automation solutions for sustainable wastewater management

Wastewater disposal makes an important contribution to the protection of our habitat, because water pollution endangers people and nature. Treating wastewater efficiently and reusing it several times saves resources and also has many economic advantages.

As a future-oriented solution provider for the wastewater industry, responsible use of the natural resource of water is very important to us. Treating wastewater sustainably requires particularly efficient wastewater treatment plants that meet all legal requirements related to water. Together with you, we develop automation solutions for sustainable wastewater management. Our team of experts will help with your plant engineering – whether for a new construction or for optimizing existing wastewater plants.

Your application defines the solution

Wastewater treatment involves many various processes and procedures – from pretreatment, through biological and chemical-physical purification, right through to treatment of the wastewater. Taking this challenge into consideration, we will develop solutions for your specific application together with you. We provide scalable concepts based on innovative and open systems that you can easily extend and adapt. Our comprehensive technology and product portfolio for monitoring and controlling your wastewater plant ensures a reliable supply and makes processes more efficient.

Interactive image map: Trades in wastewater treatment
Inflow metering
Ensure on-demand inflow into the wastewater treatment plant with control solutions for inflow structures, stormwater relief systems, and pumping stations.
More about inflow metering
Inflow metering
Mechanical precleaning
Phoenix Contact provides control solutions, intrinsically safe input and output modules, communication solutions, and software libraries that meet the high demands of the precleaning stage.
More about mechanical precleaning
Mechanical precleaning
Biological treatment
The precise control of process variables is a prerequisite for an optimum wastewater cleaning process. Phoenix Contact develops special software libraries for controlling and monitoring wastewater technology.
More about biological treatment
Biological treatment
Final sedimentation
Communication between the trades and field devices all the way to the control level ensures ongoing testing of quality of the water in the final sedimentation process. Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure uninterrupted operation.
More about final sedimentation
Final sedimentation
Sludge treatment
Efficiency, transparency, and process reliability are top priorities in the sewage sludge drying process. Optimum sludge management requires reliable control of the digestion tower and sludge pump.
More about sludge treatment
Sludge treatment

Ready-to-use solutions for wastewater treatment

Based on industry expertise, long-standing experience, and taking specific requirements into account, we create preconfigured control cabinet and software solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability. Find out for yourself.

Your advantages

  • Easy planning, configuration, and realization with ready-to-use hardware and software solutions
  • A broad range of communication solutions and remote control technology
  • Reliable data communication with flexible data acquisition and evaluation
  • Holistic and deeply integrated security concepts
  • Safety concepts with integrated technology such as PROFIsafe

Why our wastewater industry customers choose Phoenix Contact

A holistic system – that's what the employees responsible for modernizing the Konstanz wastewater treatment plant wanted. Innovative technology, including wireless solutions, is now being used to conveniently integrate areas that are difficult to access, such as movable scraper bridges.

Konstanz wastewater treatment plant
Konstanz wastewater treatment plant YouTube
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