Man in a water management control room

Comprehensive process overview in water management Water Functions software library

  • Easy measurement and control of system processes with standardized software

  • Efficient engineering with ready-made function blocks

  • Secure remote communication via standardized protocols, such as IEC 60870-5-101, -104, and OPC UA

  • Connection to all market-standard control systems, thanks to openness for proven and modern interfaces

  • Fast creation of visualizations with industry-typical visualization objects for motors, pumps, fans, and valves

Warendorf water treatment plant

The process at a glance Warendorf wastewater treatment plant

In the return sludge pumping station of the Warendorf wastewater treatment plant, the sludge from the final purification tanks is pumped to a higher level using three screw conveyors. This is then conveyed to the upstream processes and the digester towers. The Water Functions function block library, which is specifically tailored to the water industry, allows the operator to monitor the entire treatment process and to intervene quickly, when necessary. With the software library from Phoenix Contact, the team at Warendorf have found the ideal tool for straightforward programming and local visualization.

Water with digitalization icons

Future-oriented process automation

Water management technologies and procedures are constantly being developed and adapted. To ensure the best possible supply and cost-effectiveness for operations, process plants require continuous optimization and adaptation. Functions such as scaling measured values, controlling units, and alarm management of a plant support smooth operation. Modern applications and software solutions are the result of close collaboration with representatives of the water industry and analysis of the market requirements.

Process plants in water management are subject to a continuous process of change. To meet these requirements, Water Functions – the ready-to-use solution for a comprehensive process overview – is also subject to ongoing further development.

Ansgar Falke - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Applications & Projects Infrastructure
Ansgar Falke, Applications & Projects Infrastructure

Water Functions The process library for water management

Water Functions for the modular PLCnext Engineer software platform extends the control technology from Phoenix Contact with functions for process automation in water and wastewater treatment. Using programmed function blocks, the software library simplifies the measurement and control of system processes in wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment.

Field devices such as drives, sliders, and valves are integrated quickly and easily. Time and engineering costs can be saved with industry-typical visualization blocks.

The library includes a basic function for simple applications, complex drive, valve, and measurement blocks, and blocks for connection to a SCADA system.

Water Functions – comprehensive concepts from field to SCADA level

Comprehensive concept from field to SCADA level for applications in wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment.

Man working on the system engineering with the function block library

Flexible engineering with ready-made function blocks

Fast system engineering

System integrators ensure the availability of your system with certified functionality tailored to water management. Water Functions facilitates quick and easy engineering. Pre-programmed function blocks ensure quick and easy closed-loop control and actuation of field devices.

Water Functions has a modular function block concept, which makes it ideal for flexible use. We provide the ability to address individual needs in the field of control cabinet manufacturing. Thanks to an extensive range of function blocks, you can efficiently develop and easily implement your own concepts.

Operating data in water and wastewater applications

Making the operating data of water and wastewater applications visible

Easy integration

Integrate industry-typical field devices, such as measuring devices or frequency converters for pumps and blowers, efficiently using the programmed function blocks in the process library.

Various technologies, such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus, and OPC UA, enable new and existing field devices to be integrated into the overall system without any problems. All key process data, such as speeds of rotation, power consumption, and fill levels, is acquired reliably using a PLCnext Control device – the PLC for PLCnext Technology – and transmitted to the control system.

Thanks to the continuous further development of the Water Functions library, the number of possible connections is constantly growing. Close cooperation with device manufacturers for the water management industry guarantees the verified and efficient integration of field devices.

Water Functions Visu screen

Ready-to-use visualization objects make it easier to create process displays.

Ready-to-use visualization

Display motors, pumps, fans, and valves with Water Functions Visu – the extended software version with visualization function. Ready-to-use visualization objects for the PLCnext Engineer HMI editor make it easier for you to create process displays in water management. For your alarm management, HMI icons such as control dialogs and alarm lists can be easily connected with the function blocks.

It’s up to you how you control the function blocks: either access a local visualization via our HMI editor or use your own visualization tool, which can be connected via OPC UA.

Water Functions Visu: Function blocks for connection to a SCADA system

Water Functions Visu includes HMI and function block libraries

Water Functions app in the PLCnext Store being used on a laptop

The PLCnext-based Water Functions version replaces the previous Waterworx version.

Function blocks for PLCnext Engineer

Water Functions is based on the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, the open control platform for future-proof automation. Using PLCnext Engineer, our proprietary development environment, experience the openness of this system in the implementation of programming in water and wastewater applications.

The software libraries for PLCnext Engineer are available to download as an app in the PLCnext Store. With the solution app, you can add more technical functions for your industrial application to PLCnext Control devices easily and directly, without needing any additional programming knowledge.