Drinking water supply

The global drinking water supply faces a wide range of challenges, both from the perspective of sustainable development and access to a safe water supply for all. Integrated automation will support you in future requirements, from the extraction of untreated water to distribution in the local grid.

Benefit from intelligent technology and products for sustainable drinking water management. We provide digital solutions for everything from system monitoring and control to cloud-based process optimization.

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Hydroelectric power station drinking water reservoir
Hydroelectric power station

Automation systems for the highest water quality

In the future, the management of global drinking water supplies will be more challenging than ever due to various influencing factors. As a result of climate change, severe weather and droughts affect numerous regions of the world more severely than was the case in the past. Access to clean water is not a given for everyone. Increasing water contamination hinders the provision of this scarce resource.

As part of our responsibility for natural water resources, Phoenix Contact is realizing drinking water projects and modernizes existing plants with integrated automation systems. From water treatment and water distribution, to cloud-based process optimization, we ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply.

Your application determines the solution

The processes and procedures in drinking water treatment are very diverse – from water extraction and water treatment to water distribution. Accordingly, we will work with you to develop solutions for your specific application. Based on innovative and open systems, we provide scalable concepts that can be extended and adapted easily. Our comprehensive technology and product portfolio for monitoring and control creates supply reliability with consistent water quality, and makes processes more efficient.

Interactive image map: Overview of drinking water supply applications
Water extraction
Phoenix Contact provides solutions for all types of water extraction. Standardized systems and software solutions guarantee secure remote control communication for decentralized well systems.
More information on water extraction
Water extraction
Water transport and distribution
An extensive supply network is often required to make drinking water available at many points. Minimize water loss by using turn-key solutions from remote monitoring to leakage management.
More information on water transport and distribution
Water transport and distribution
Water treatment
Impurities and pollution from bacteria and viruses are permanently removed before distribution. Satisfy the high standards for water quality with solutions from Phoenix Contact.
More information on water treatment
Water treatment
Removal of suspended matter
With Phoenix Contact solutions, you can acquire all process-relevant measured values from the suspended matter removal sections of the plant. An open control technology allows the process to be controlled easily and securely.
More information on the removal of suspended matter
Removal of suspended matter

Ready-to-use solutions for drinking water supply

With our industry know-how, many years of experience, and by taking into account specific requirements, we create preconfigured control cabinet and software solutions that ensure high efficiency and sustainability. See for yourself.

Your advantages

  • Easy planning, configuration, and realization with ready-to-use hardware and software solutions
  • A broad range of communication solutions and remote control technology
  • Reliable data communication with flexible data acquisition and evaluation
  • Holistic and deeply integrated security concepts
  • Safety concepts with integrated technology such as PROFIsafe

Why our drinking water supply customers choose Phoenix Contact

The water supply for 3 million people in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and a network of 770 kilometers of pipelines require the individual systems involved to communicate with each other. In a large modernization project with the regional water supply association, the water supply system was equipped with controllers from Phoenix Contact.

Baden-Württemberg water supply
Baden-Württemberg water supply YouTube
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