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Final sedimentation in wastewater treatment Reliable communication for best water quality

Prior to discharge into flowing water, the quality the treated water is measured at the outlet of the final purification tank. Reliable communication between the utilities and field devices all the way to the control level ensures permanent testing and thus the quality of the water.

Discover solutions for wireless data communication with distant and hard-to-reach utilities. Concepts for the safe operation and shutdown of systems support you in hazardous situations.

Uninterrupted operation of the final sedimentation process

Before the purified water is returned to the natural water cycle, the quality must be right. The pH value, nitrate content, and other relevant values are monitored for optimum water quality. In addition, the falling sludge is checked for the height level and the return feed is precisely controlled. Permanent testing and thus the quality of the water is ensured via communication between utilities and field devices through to the control level. Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure uninterrupted operation in the process.

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Wastewater treatment plant
Automation on the Bio-P basin
Wastewater treatment plant control cabinet with products for wireless data transmission
Wastewater treatment plant

Both remote and also hard-to-reach utilities present a challenge for secure data communication. This applies, for example, to remote pumping stations and wells as well as to rotating parts in a scraper bridge and fill-level monitoring.

The Radioline wireless system has been specially developed for use in the industrial environment. Serial controller data and standardized I/O signals are transmitted reliably. All common communication standards, such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, and PROFINET, are supported. In the case of proprietary technology such as Trusted Wireless 2.0, the protocol is not publicly accessible, which means the technology is extremely well protected against attacks from third parties.

Automation on the Bio-P basin

In the biological phosphorus removal tanks (Bio-P tanks for short), the phosphorus contained in the wastewater is removed using the bacteria contained in the sludge.

The 4-in-1 hybrid motor starter of the CONTACTRON range reliably protects the motors and enables uninterrupted operation. The integrated safety functions thereby satisfy all emergency stop requirements.

Wastewater treatment plant control cabinet with products for wireless data transmission

Whether PROFIBUS or PROFINET: Achieve optimum water quality by safely monitoring the secondary sedimentation process. Use WLAN as a cost-effective alternative, e.g., for slip rings. Process sizes from the final purification tanks are reliably transmitted to the superordinate control level. Avoid interference-prone slip ring transmission, which often involves a high degree of installation and maintenance effort.

Secure process value transmission via Bluetooth

Transmit process values reliably to the control level via Bluetooth

Final purification tanks

Your advantages

  • Hard-to-reach plant parts are always in view with reliable data communication
  • Low installation and maintenance outlay with wireless communication
  • Uninterrupted system operation with reliable protection for motors
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