Communicate with machines worldwide

With the global use of machines, worldwide communication with machines is becoming increasingly important

  • Reliable communication with machines avoids expensive on-site service calls
  • Modern production concepts rely on data exchange between various manufacturing processes and machines
  • Industrial Ethernet is the fast communication standard for integrated communication between the office and the production level

Smartphone showing the state of a machine via remote signaling
Various aspects of successful machine communication in machine building

Secure communication in the control cabinet

The increasing digitalization of industry requires the secure networking of more and more devices inside the control cabinet. COMPLETE line provides comprehensive product solutions for industrial communication and the protection of all relevant data.

Wireless communication in extensive facilities

Secure communication in the field

The structure and function of a system may require the use of devices and components for communication even outside the control cabinet. A high-performance and secure infrastructure must be able to withstand adverse ambient conditions in the field. Moving elements in the field, which are difficult to reach via fixed wiring, pose a particular challenge. But wireless connections also have special requirements. COMPLETE line provides coordinated solutions for a very wide range of applications.