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IP67 switches speed up the commissioning of assembly and test systems In machine building, IP67 switches network individual workstations

The assembly and leak test systems from KMS Automation used in the automotive industry are built to user specifications. IP67 switches network the individual workstations in the systems at KMS Automation GmbH. That is why the compact switches with easily accessible cable ducts allow the stations to be quickly connected to the Ethernet network.

Headquarters of KMS Automation GmbH in Schramberg-Waldmössingen, Germany

KMS Automation GmbH develops and manufactures assembly and leak test systems

KMS Automation GmbH develops and  manufactures assembly and leak test systems, which are individually tailored to cast components such as gearboxes and motors for the automotive industry and its suppliers, among other things. The owner-operated company employs around 60 people.

Workstation at KMS Automation GmbH with decentrally assembled IP67 switch

Ethernet network as the basis of communication for a modular manufacturing concept

Depending on the component, the cast components go through several steps in which they are assembled and repeatedly checked. It is particularly important to test for pressure leaks. The challenge here is that components which have not yet been finally assembled and which have several openings must be checked. To carry out a leak test on the part level, the parts must be optimally clamped in the station, ensuring the relevant geometry is adhered to. Test pressure is then applied to the parts by the leak test system to check whether the pressure is maintained.

To integrate various technology components such as screwdriver controls, camera sensors, force-distance measuring systems, and operator panels in the individual workstations, KMS Automation uses an industrial Ethernet network. At the same time, the standard provides the basis of communication for a modular manufacturing concept.

M12 switches from Phoenix Contact simplify the Ethernet connection of our components. In addition, we can connect the workstations flexibly, which speeds up commissioning for our end customers.

Daniel Infantone - KMS Automation, Head of electrical installation
Daniel Infantone, Head of Electrical Installation at KMS Automation
Unmanaged Switch with five Ethernet ports in the splash-proof version

IP67 switches are directly mounted on the workstation’s sliding carriage

To be able to connect the technology components easily and directly to the network, IP67 switches are mounted directly on the workstations’ sliding carriages. The devices have five Ethernet ports in the splash-proof M12 D-coded version. Pre-assembled cables allow on-site connection of the Ethernet components in the workstation. The switches are supplied via an M12 Power Connector, which feeds 24 V DC from the base frame of the station. Thanks to its narrow design, the FL Switch 1605 M12 saves space when integrated and also provides easy access to the cable outlets. It is secured to the sliding carriage using two M6 screws. The spatial arrangement of the individual workstations can usually only be specified to a limited extent. Here, directly accessible interfaces between the stations using M12 connectors prove advantageous.
Although KMS Automation must implement the systems according to the specific requirements of its customers, for efficiency reasons the company tries to use standardized technology wherever possible. This is why the machine builder focuses on using components and concepts that can be used and combined in a quick and versatile way. Pre-assembled cables are used both for Ethernet networking and to connect the sensors and actuators in the workstations. On the workstation bench, the I/O level is connected to SACB sensor/actuator boxes via M12 connectors. The base frame of the respective workstations contains the necessary control cabinet, so there is no need for a separate cabinet.
Switches from the SFN series, which are installed next to the controller on the DIN rail, are used to connect the Ethernet network in the base frame.

Switches product portfolio overview

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