Clean water for Lake Constance Innovative solution for clean water in Lake Constance and efficient pump monitoring.

Constance wastewater treatment plant

Brief summary

Phoenix Contact helps the city of Constance maintain the cleanliness of Lake Constance by using an innovative solution called “PumpMonitor”. This product enables the cost-effective and sustainable operation of the water infrastructure in the central wastewater treatment plant, especially the pumps.

The waste disposal company in the city of Constance operates the largest municipal central wastewater treatment plant in the Lake Constance region. The catchment area covers various towns and municipalities, including Kreuzlingen in Switzerland.

26 pumping stations along almost 300 kilometers

Large distances and differences in altitude must be overcome in the almost 300 km long sewerage system to transport the wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant. There are a total of 26 pumping stations, of which the intake pumping station of the wastewater treatment plant is particularly critical. Constant availability of the pumps is essential and, at the same time, they should be operated energy-efficiently.

Valves and pipelines in the central wastewater treatment plan of the city of Constance

26 pumping stations are working in the central wastewater treatment plant of the city of Constance waste disposal company

Keeping an eye on the state of the pumps

This is where Phoenix Contact comes in. The company has developed PumpMonitor, an innovative solution for monitoring the state and efficiency of the pumps. To provide information on the state of each pump, the system analyzes mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical indicators. It also determines the optimum power consumption in relation to the wastewater consumption conveyed and displays the results in the form of a traffic light. With PumpMonitor, operators can monitor the state of the pumps in real time and develop efficient maintenance strategies.

A traffic light for clean water

Using PumpMonitor enables employees of waste disposal companies to plan and carry out maintenance work in a more targeted manner. This prevents unnecessary downtimes and makes maintenance more efficient. At the same time, pump operation is becoming more energy efficient, which not only saves costs, but also protects the environment.

Challenges such as falling water table levels, increasing pollution, micro-plastics, and more frequent storms are causing an increase in requirements. Smart Water solutions from Phoenix Contact offer a new level of transparency, efficiency, and protection for this valuable resource.

Industry Management Water and Wastewater team - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

The cleanliness of Lake Constance is very important. With the innovative “PumpMonitor”, Phoenix Contact is helping to ensure that the lake remains an idyllic holiday destination. This technology demonstrates how the combination of engineering knowledge and modern technology can help to solve environmental problems while achieving economic benefits.

Author: Pia Schlegel


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