HMIs - touch panels and web panels

HMIs - efficient touch panels and web panels

Efficient automation requires the right visualization. Our touch panels with integrated Visu+ runtime and web panels with open browser for HTML5 applications simplify the operation and monitoring of your automation solution. Benefit from intuitive user guidance and a high level of efficiency. We have the right HMI that will be the ideal user interface for your application.

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The advantages of our Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

  • Easily scalable with identical software version for all versions and performance classes
  • User-friendly with preconfigured hardware and pre-installed software
  • Flexible controller connection thanks to pre-installed drivers
  • Efficient multi-user operation with server-client architecture and web connection
  • Open web standards enable compatibility with all web servers
  • Continuous digital planning and documentation thanks to the COMPLETE line system

New products

VL3 UPC box PCs


Ultra-compact box PCs of the latest generation

VL3 UPC is a series of ultra-compact box PCs with the latest (Elkhart Lake) CPU technology and innovative features that make it a perfect extension of the VL3 product family. With industry-leading connectivity capabilities in its class, the VL3 UPC represents excellent value for money.

Main features

  • Intel's long-term available sixth-generation Atom® processors (Elkhart Lake)
  • Three fixed and one configurable item
  • Flexible extension options such as WLAN, serial communication, Ethernet extension and 4G/LTE modem
  • Windows 11-capable

Your Advantages

  • A state-of-the-art hardware platform that can be tailored with scalability in performance, storage, and memory capacity.
  • With advanced Elkhart Lake processor technology, it delivers powerful system performance in a compact design.
  • Ideally suited for demanding edge computing installations in decentral control cabinets.
  • Practical connectivity capabilities enable the simultaneous communication with numerous networks and peripherals

Control panels with integrated Visu+ software

Touch panels High-performance touch panels for operating and monitoring your machines and systems

With the integrated Visu+ software, you can design complex user interfaces and benefit from flexible connection to a wide range of third-party control systems with preinstalled drivers. The control panels are available in various display sizes and screen formats.

The touch panel 6000: Experience first-class system design with this Human Machine Interface

Video: TP 6000 Human Machine Interfaces
Experience the new freedom in system design with the TP 6000 Human Machine Interfaces MovingImage
Control panels with integrated HTML5-capable browser

Web panels Flexible integration into your automation system thanks to HTML5 web technology

The operator panels with integrated web browser display all web-based visualizations that support the current HTML5 standard. Among other HTML5 visualization tools, you will also find an optimally coordinated system with PLCnext Engineer HMI. Create your own custom web-based visualization very easily. No web skills are required, since the software offers numerous symbols and templates that can be easily extended to suit your needs. Our operator panels with open browsers allow you to display the web-based visualization of your system without any restrictions.

The web panel 6000: Benefit from the simple display for user interfaces and process visualizations with HTML5

Video: Representation of user interfaces and process visualizations based on HTML5
Simple representation of user interfaces and process visualizations based on HTML5 MovingImage

HMIs for building automation

Room operating unit for building automation
Room operating unit in use
Emalytics building management system workbench
Room operating unit for building automation

With the ERS 1000 room operating unit, you can conveniently set a wide range of functions individually in the respective room. This includes, for example: Light, shading, and room temperature. The ERS 1000 thus replaces a large number of different operating element with just one compact solution.

Your advantages

  • Visualization of the room functions for intuitive operation
  • Flexible and easy configuration for the individual equipment in each room
  • Room climate measurement with simple extension with sensor modules for temperature, humidity, and CO₂ concentration

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Room operating unit in use

The intuitive menu navigation via appealing icons and the individual marking of all operating functions allow the user to make targeted settings in the room. Four tiles with assigned keys and LEDs are available on the display for this purpose. There are several color versions for the display. The color is set during startup. The ERS 1000 features very low latency times during operation.

The device includes a universal scene manager with memory function for user-specific settings. The group manager allows both the operation of groups of actuators and individual actuator operation. You can also use the display to display different status information. It is also possible to issue signal tones. A sensor module with integrated motion detector is also available.

Emalytics building management system workbench

The ERS 1000 room operating unit is connected to the ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller via Ethernet. Power is also supplied via Ethernet. Seamless integration into the IoT-based Emalytics building management system makes for efficient engineering.

In the Emalytics Automation Workbench, all devices in the network are automatically found and each can be configured individually quickly and easily. Each function on the device has a corresponding data point that is easily wired to the actuator to be controlled in the wire sheet. It is also possible to set up several equal control points in one room without any problems.

Each sensor of the ERS 1000 is integrated into Emalytics as a data point. With the Emalytics history function, which is available as standard, you can also create long-term recordings of the CO₂ concentration or the temperature and export data quickly to external applications without additional effort.

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