Electronic circuit breaker - CAPAROC E1 12-24DC/1-4A

1-channel electronic circuit breaker module for protecting 12 and 24 V DC loads against overload and short circuit. Nominal current adjustable from 1 A to 4 A via LED button. For DIN rail installation via the CAPAROC current rails.

This product needs further products for operation. Mandatory Accessories

Product Details

Note LABS release – in accordance with test specification VW PV 3.10.7:2005-0

Product type Device circuit breakers
Number of positions 1
No. of channels 1
Insulation characteristics
Protection class III
Pollution degree 2

No. of channels 1
Operating voltage 10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Rated voltage 12 V DC
24 V DC
Rated current IN 4 A DC
Rated current IN 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 A DC (adjustable per output channel)
Rated current (pre-adjusted) 4 A
Rated surge voltage 0.5 kV
Tripping method E (electronic)
Required backup fuse Only required if Imax of the power supply > the short-circuit switching capacity. Integrated failsafe element.
Short-circuit switching capacity 300 A
Dielectric strength 35 V DC (Load circuit)
Fuse electronic
Efficiency > 99 %
Closed circuit current I0 typ. 8.5 mA (no load at 24 V)
Power dissipation typ. 0.2 W (no load at 24 V)
< 0.57 W (in nominal operation at 24 V and 4 A)
Measuring tolerance I ± 15 % (typ.)
MTBF (IEC 61709, SN 29500) 21274544 h (at 25 °C with 21 % load)
9809987 h (at 40°C with 34.25% load)
1482752 h (at 40°C with 100% load)
Voltage drop 0.09 V (at 4 A)
Fail-safe element 5 A DC (per output channel)
Shutdown time 4 s (with overload 1.1…1.5 x IN)
1 s (with overload 1.5…2.0 x IN)
0.1 s (with overload 2.0…3.0 x IN)
typ. 10 ms (For short circuit > 3.0 x IN)
Undervoltage switch-off ≤ 8.5 V DC (active)
≥ 9.2 V DC (inactive)
Overvoltage switch-off ≥ 32.5 V DC (active)
≤ 30.5 V DC (inactive)
Max. capacitive load ≤ 20000 µF (Depending on the current setting and the short-circuit current available)

Fuse-protected output
Connection method Push-in connection
Stripping length 10 mm
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2 mm² ... 4 mm²
Conductor cross section solid 0.2 mm² ... 4 mm²
Conductor cross section AWG 24 ... 12
Conductor cross section, flexible, with ferrule, with plastic sleeve 0.25 mm² ... 4 mm²
Conductor cross section flexible, with ferrule without plastic sleeve 0.25 mm² ... 4 mm²

Channel LED off off (Channel switched off)
Channel LED yellow lit (Channel switched on, channel load > 80% )
flashing (Programming mode active)
two flashes (Check the installation, no communication to power module)
Channel LED green lit (Channel switched on)
Channel LED red lit (Channel switched off, over- or undervoltage active)
ON temporarily (Channel switched off, 5 s cool-down phase, overload or short-circuit release)
flashing (Channel switched off, ready to be switched back on, overload or short-circuit release)

Dimensional drawing
Width 6.2 mm
Height 132.4 mm
Depth 111.3 mm (incl. DIN rail 7.5 mm)

Color light grey RAL 7035
Material PA 6 (Housing)
PA 6 (Pusher)
PA 6 (Release lever)
PC (Fiber optics)
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V-0

Ambient conditions
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 65 °C (The temperature range of the power module must be taken into consideration)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 70 °C
Altitude ≤ 4000 m (amsl (above mean sea level))
Humidity test 96 h, 95 % RH, 40 °C
Shock (operation) 30g (11 ms period, half-sine shock pulse, according to IEC 60068-2-27)
25g (6 ms duration, half-sine shock pulse in accordance with IEC 60068-2-27, continuous shock)
15g (6 ms duration, half-sine shock pulse in accordance with IEC 60068-2-27, continuous shock. If more than six CAPAROC E1 modules are used in the system.)
Vibration (operation) 5g (10 ... 150 Hz / 10 cycles / axis / X, Y, Z)

UL approval
Identification UL/C-UL Listed UL 508
UL Recognized UL 2367
NEC Class 2 according to UL 1310

Standards/specifications EN 61000-6-2
Standards/specifications EN 61000-6-3
Standards/specifications EN 60068-2-78
Standards/specifications EN 50178
Standards/specifications EN 60068-2-6
Standards/specifications EN 60068-2-27

Mounting type pluggable onto CAPAROC CR… current rail

Item number 1115415
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key CLA232
Product Key CLA232
GTIN 4063151038724
Weight per Piece (including packing) 94.16 g
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 56.75 g
Customs tariff number 85363010
Country of origin DE


ECLASS-9.0 27141116
ECLASS-10.0.1 27140401
ECLASS-11.0 27140401


ETIM 8.0 EC003538


UNSPSC 21.0 39121400

UL Recognized

Approval ID: FILE E 317172

UL Listed

Approval ID: FILE E 123528

cUL Listed

Approval ID: FILE E 123528

cULus Listed

REACh SVHC Lead 7439-92-1

Your advantages

The benchmark that you can tailor with channel-precise design with integrated potential distribution
Easy operation for everyone through tool-free assembly, uninterrupted installation, and transparent operating state
Exceptionally easy design-in with the narrowest of space requirements and four protected outputs