Sustainability project

Switzerland relies on solar

First the gravel goes down, then the panels go on top: 224 m² of photovoltaics on the roof.
Solar system on the roof of our Swiss subsidiary

Project goal

In Switzerland, they are using a retrofit system of lightweight photovoltaic panels on the roof of an existing building to harvest energy from the sun for auxiliary power consumption.


  • 47,500 kWh yield per year
  • Investment of more than 140,000 CHF

46,8 kWp

System performance

224 m²

Photovoltaic area

Photovoltaic offensive on the roof

In Switzerland, they show you how it’s done: Making the roofs of existing buildings fit for the energy revolution. Phoenix Contact AG in Tagelswangen has invested a good 140,000 CHF in order to harvest solar power on the roof of the company building located northeast of Zurich.

Image for sustainability development goal number 07
Affordable and clean energy

SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Embedded in intelligent building technology

This measure to improve climate protection is simple and effective at the same time. A look at the construction log shows that the entire project was completed in just a few weeks. The work started with checking the seal of the existing roofing material before proceeding with the installation of the panels and the erection of a weather station. In terms of networking, the photovoltaic roof is integrated into the technical building utilities (TBU) via the Emalytics building management system from Phoenix Contact – including measurement data acquisition and visualization of the operating data on a dashboard.

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Markus Beutler
Markus Beutler
Manager Process Operations, Switzerland

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