Sustainability project

China harvests solar energy

Photovoltaic offensive working towards greater sustainability.
Photovoltaic rooftop system at our subsidiary in China

Project goals

With a new photovoltaic system, Phoenix Contact China is investing in self-supply using renewable energy. The measure is embedded in an energy management system aimed at further reducing CO₂ emissions.


  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions
  • Making good use of unused roof space
  • Greater self-sufficiency in electricity

1 MWp

Installed nominal power

10000 m²

Photovoltaic area



Investing in solar power

These figures are enough to attract attention: 10,000 m² of roof surface, 900,000 kWh of predicted electricity yield per year, and an associated 860 t reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Phoenix Contact China has invested heavily in renewable energy, following the company-wide photovoltaic initiative to utilize unused roof space for solar power.

We save around 35,000 yen in electricity costs every year.

Nie Zhengyuan - Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co. Ltd., Electrical engineer
Image for sustainability development goal number 07
Affordable and clean energy

SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Further savings with energy management

What has already proven successful at our headquarters in Blomberg will also be used at our Nanjing location: A lightweight system of solar panels that can be glued onto the existing roofing material without damaging it. Under optimal light conditions, the new system supplies around one third of the energy required by the production site. The measures are intended to be the start of using even more green energy in the future – in conjunction with an energy management system. Another advantage is that customers can get a direct impression on site of the solutions that Phoenix Contact uses to simplify the installation of photovoltaic systems – especially with regard to the electrical connection technology.

Photovoltaic rooftop system in China

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Nie Zhengyuan
Nie Zhengyuan
Electrical engineer, China

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