Sustainability project

Denmark goes to the racetrack

Sustainability and education together in pole position.
DTU Roadrunners solar team

Project goal

The Roadrunners from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are currently working on a solar-powered racing car to take the lead in the international competition between universities. Phoenix Contact supports the research work to ultimately put sustainability and education in pole position, i.e., the top starting position before the race.


  • Promoting climate protection in education through sport
  • Supporting the development of efficient solar cars
  • Student project presentation at customer events


Team for efficient solar cars


Partners for education and climate protection

Science on the racetrack

Racing in particular continues to provide technical impetus for a wide range of applications. On the one hand, the collaboration with the student racing team serves to promote scientific work to develop more efficient solar cars. On the other hand, it clearly pursues the goal of simultaneously promoting technical education at the university in Lyngby.

Image for sustainability development goal number 13
Climate action

Racing as a driver of innovation

Sustainable application across the board

Student racing events have become established in the global education and research network. They promote ambition in research and development through sport. They also offer young scientists unique opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Cross-disciplinary experience is combined with project work, planning, and teamwork.

Financial and material support

Phoenix Contact’s Danish subsidiary in Hvidovre, a suburb of Copenhagen, has set out with its commitment to make the company and, above all, the vision of the All Electric Society better known in the university environment. The project therefore combines climate protection measures with educational support. Specifically, the “DTU Roadrunners” solar team receives support in the form of solutions and components. Financial support is also provided – mainly to cover travel costs to international racetracks.

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Bo Gravers Fogt-Nielsen
Bo Gravers Fogt-Nielsen
General Manager, Denmark

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