Sustainability project

Brazil tackles social disadvantages

Focus on training young people – making it easier for them to enter the workforce.
Subsidiary in Brazil: Nine trainees in front of the building

Project goals

Reduce inequalities, promote equal opportunities – these are the goals of Phoenix Contact in Brazil. The company in Greater São Paulo provides broad-based vocational training for nine young people from poor backgrounds – with enormous social impact.


  • Actively combating poverty
  • Greater social justice
  • New opportunities for a better life
  • More education


Training places


Family members benefit


“Give Them a Chance” is the name of Phoenix Contact’s sustainability project in Brazil. Nine young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are given the chance of a better life through broad-based vocational training. Above all, the wider impact is huge – especially for their families. Training nine young people will make a lasting difference to the lives of at least 60 family members. Phoenix Contact Brazil is working closely with other partners on the project. In order for the training to be successful, issues concerning school, language, travel costs, and food provisions must also be addressed. The training is monitored by a coordinator who provides maximum support and also addresses socio-emotional issues. The support ranges from the daily journey to the company through to the return journey home.

If we want to change the future of our society, we need to act now.

Alberto Naffah - PHOENIX CONTACT Ind. Com. Ltda., Training Coordinator
Image for sustainability development goal number 10
Reduced inequalities

SDG 10 – Reduce Inequalities

Staff assume the role of mentors

In terms of content, the training is broadly based and also provides the framework for self-development. The focus is on technical content and the subject of logistics. Knowledge of the flow of goods is becoming increasingly important in view of global logistics chains, which is why future trainees also receive English lessons. Beyond language and the job: the program is integrated with mentoring – and this is designed for the most part by Phoenix Contact staff, who effectively take on a mentoring role.

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Alberto Naffah
Alberto Naffah
Training Coordinator, Brazil

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