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Extensive program for the workforce brings sustainability to life.
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Project goals

Under the heading “Phoenix Contact Cares”, our German sales company helps employees focus on and, above all, experience the topic of sustainability. The goal of the sustainability rally is to come together and commit to saving resources, protecting the environment and climate, and upholding human rights.


  • Monthly activities on changing topics
  • Creating a close link to the sustainability goals
  • Stimulating learning and a change of thinking
  • Imparting knowledge


Measures in all categories

Sustainability: Everyone is working on it

100 years of Phoenix Contact: events, presentations, and joint actions on a wide range of topics are planned for our anniversary year. With its separate targets, the sustainability rally follows the diverse structure of the SDGs. The spectrum ranges from waste collection, nutrition, and health to immediate life-saving measures. The “Phoenix Contact Cares” program also includes excursions to the surrounding area, with the aim of getting a better sense of what lies behind biodiversity. The thesis: a sustainable and smart future can be best achieved with swarm intelligence. And that is why everyone is working together on this.

Garbage collection in the great outdoors
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Life on land

Bringing sustainability to life with a rally

Program extends beyond our anniversary year

The program starts in our anniversary year, but is designed to be an ongoing commitment. To this end, the sales company has formed its own sustainability team, which develops ideas and organizes events. The premise: gathering experience together, changing our way of thinking, and exploring new paths.

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Serap Kesme
Serap Kesme
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