Surge protective devices for North American power supply systems

Surge protection for North American power supply systems

Power supply systems in accordance with North American standards differ significantly from those in accordance with IEC standards. Apart from the supply system configurations and voltages, the technical and normative requirements also differ. Surge protective devices in accordance with IEC do not comply with these requirements. For this reason, specific SPDs are available for North American supply systems. These comply with the North American standards in accordance with UL and CSA.

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Your advantages

  • Easy integration into existing applications with UL Open Type 1 Listed
  • Available for all standard network configurations in accordance with NEMA
  • Available, useable, and mountable Europe-wide with the CE marking
  • Easy monitoring of system status with a local status indicator and remote indication contact
  • Plugs can be tested with CHECKMASTER 2
DIN rail-mountable surge protection for American supply system configurations in different circuit versions

Surge protection for North American supply systems – VAL-US

The product portfolio – VAL-US

VAL-US products are pluggable surge protective devices for installations and systems in North America and Mexico. Additionally, these items are used in regions that require supply system configurations in accordance with the NEMA standard.

The VAL-US series includes a wide range of circuit configurations. Suitable product versions are available for common systems such as 120/240 V split phase and 277/480 V Wye as well as for special supply system configurations such as 120/208/240 V high-leg Delta and corner-grounded Delta. The base element holds the plugs for the individual paths. The status of the plugs can be monitored remotely via the integrated remote indication contact. The plugs feature a window with a visual status indicator. This means overloaded plugs can de identified directly on site. The base element and the corresponding plugs are coded to each other. This prevents incorrect replacement or plug tampering during maintenance work.

The products in the VAL-US family are UL Listed, making them ideal for use in the American market.

Surge protection for North American supply system configurations mounted on DIN rail with CE marking

Surge protection for North American supply system configurations with CE marking

Open Type 1 Listed surge protection in accordance with UL 1449

VAL-US features the largest selection of UL “Open Type” Listed surge protective devices (SPDs). “Open Type,” also referred to as “open terminal,” refers to a category of surge protective devices in UL 1449. This category enables DIN rail-mountable SPDs to obtain UL Listed approval.

The UL Open Type 1 Listed approvals of the VAL-US series make acceptance testing of installations and systems much easier for inspectors.

With CE conformity, the products are available throughout Europe and can be used and installed accordingly.