Over-speed safety relays and zero-speed safety relays

Zero-speed and over-speed safety relays

Excessive speeds pose a danger to people and machinery. The compact PSRmotion over-speed safety relays and zero-speed safety relays monitor and disconnect rotating parts safely in the event of an emergency. The switching devices are compatible with all common sensor types and can be configured and commissioned particularly quickly using buttons on the product or using software.

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PSRmotion over-speed safety relays and zero-speed safety relays

Over-speed safety relays and zero-speed safety relays for reliable motion monitoring

Speed and zero-speed monitoring in one device

With the PSR-MM30 combined over-speed and zero-speed safety relay, you can monitor up to three different operating modes in addition to zero-speed mode. The PSR-MM30 ensures high system availability with its reliable measuring procedure.

  • Overall width of 22.5 mm
  • Compatible with modern safety encoders up to SIL 3
  • Motion detection via encoder or proximity switch
  • Force-guided relay outputs, parameterizable signal outputs
  • Live monitoring with the PSRmotion software
  • Startup via USB connection
  • Integrated safety door monitoring ensures compatibility with PSRswitch safety switches
  • Up to PL e and SIL 3
PSRmotion software for over-speed safety relays and zero-speed safety relays

PSRmotion software for over-speed and zero-speed safety relays

Live monitoring via PSRmotion software

The PSR-MM30 over-speed and zero-speed safety relay can be started up, parameterized, and monitored conveniently using the PSRmotion software.
In live measuring mode, you can visualize the motion sequences of your machine.
You can download the Windows-based software free of charge. The software is then adapted via a USB interface.

PSRmotion zero-speed safety relays

PSRmotion zero-speed safety relays with an overall width of 12.5 mm

Compact zero-speed monitoring without additional sensors

The narrow PSR-MM25 zero-speed safety relay monitors machines for zero-speed situations without the need for additional sensors and actuates an interlocking device, for example. The zero-speed state is detected by evaluating the voltage induced in a motor winding.

  • Overall width of 12.5 mm
  • Easy startup via configuration button
  • Can be used for machines with and without frequency converters
  • Force-guided relay outputs, two signal outputs