Cutting tools


The cutting tools from the CUTFOX product range enable professional, continuous processing of conductors. The extremely robust cutting tools ensure burr-free cutting without crushing. Profile and DIN-rail cutters cut material up to a thickness of 2.5 mm in a matter of seconds – using a lever mechanism that requires minimal effort.

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CUTFOX-ES - Cutting tool
CUTFOX-ES - Cutting tool

Electrician's scissors, high cutting performance thanks to micro-serrated cutting area, suitable for copper, aluminum, Kevlar fibers, and plastic, two-component non-slip soft-grip handles, ergonomic design, adjustable screw joint

Your advantages

  • Durable due to specially hardened and tempered blades
  • Minimum effort due to optimum leverage and cutting geometry
  • Low-impact and low-fatigue due to ergonomic handle designs
  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range
Cutting tool for user-friendly and effortless cutting

CUTFOX 35 ratchet cable cutters

User-friendly cutting

Cutting tool for user-friendly and effortless cutting: the CUTFOX product range offers the ideal cutting tool for every application.
Conductors and cables up to 1,400 mm² and up to 100 mm in diameter can be processed without crushing them. With the ratchet mechanism of the cutting tools, you only need to apply very low force, even for large conductor cross-sections up to 100 mm in diameter.

The cutting tool can even cut extremely hard materials such as piano wire and spring steel with consistently good results.

Cutting tool: profile and DIN rail cutters

PPS BASIC profile cutting tool

Cutting with millimeter precision

This profile and DIN rail cutter from Phoenix Contact ensures burr-free cutting for plastic or metal profiles.

With profile and DIN rail cutters, you can set the length exactly using a limit stop. The engraved millimeter and inch area on the measuring rail is permanently resistant to wear. Guides, limit stops, and engraved measuring rails ensure that the material is kept perpendicular for processing with millimeter precision.