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This brochure is designed for plant engineers and planners in potentially explosive areas. It covers international standards and directives. Operators of electrical equipment in potentially explosive areas receive information on which explosion protection criteria their plants must meet. The brochure is supplemented with basic technical information on devices in Group I and Group II, Ex zones, MCR technology, and functional safety.

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Chemical plant
Chemical plant with Ex protection symbols above

Explosion protection Ensure the highest levels of safety in potentially explosive areas.

Explosion protection (Ex protection) is an essential part of safety technology. It deals with protection against explosions and their effects. Anywhere combustible materials, oxygen, other gases, and ignition sources can interact, smooth production processes and compliance with the requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection must be ensured. Explosion protection is mainly based on European and North American standards and directives, including the ATEX, IECEx, NEC/CEC, and UL certifications and directives.

Of course, the plant engineers and planners of classical chemical industry and petrochemical plants must comply with the legal provisions for explosion protection. However, other industries that may seem non-critical at first glance, such as the food industry, can harbor significant risks. People often assume that explosion protection involves gases that can create an explosive atmosphere, but these can also occur when there is dust.

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Comprehensive product portfolio on Ex protection for your safety

Phoenix Contact provides users with a comprehensive selection of solutions and products for the requirements of potentially explosive areas. The product portfolio offers the necessary flexibility for your electrical equipment. We provide you with a comprehensive selection of products for safe use in various zones: from PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors and Ex terminal blocks, Ex signal conditioners, and measuring transducers to surge protection and I/O systems.

We would also be pleased to help you select suitable products and systems for your applications in potentially explosive atmospheres and various zones. Select the required product category on this page and activate the filter for explosion protection.