Phoenix Contact is a founding member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA). The goal of IDTA is to establish the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) in an effort to implement the digital twin for Industry 4.0 worldwide. Work on the international standardization of the AAS as IEC 63278 has already begun. Moreover, Phoenix Contact also supports activities relating to the corresponding international standard IEC 61406 for the digital nameplate.

Product with QR code enables product data to be called up

Digital identification – the QR code on a product enables immediate access to all the latest data and documentation

Digital nameplate / digital identification

With QR codes in accordance with IEC 61406 (previously DIN SPEC 91406), we are opening up the automatable use of information for our customers via a globally unique product identifier. This product identifier is used to access human-readable information as well as the associated digital twin, i.e., the AAS. Globally, there are a multitude of data formats and versions for digital twins.

The partial models standardized in the Asset Administration Shell include the digital nameplate, documentation in accordance with VDI 2770, environmental data such as RoHS and REACH, simulation and process values. The Asset Administration Shell also provides a uniform, manufacturer-independent application programming interface (API) for calling up product data and partial models, in which security is uniformly assured. This means that, for the first time, all supplier data is consistently available to the operators of machines and systems.

Assets connected via the asset administration shell

Assets connected via the management shell / © Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Anna Salari, Model management shell © ZVEI SG

Asset Administration Shell for the process industry

The Asset Administration Shell will simplify use of the Modular Production (MTP) and NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) concepts in process automation considerably.

These concepts can easily integrate digital data via the AAS, while MTP and NOA can be integrated into the AAS. This is realized via corresponding partial models. Therefore, the AAS security concepts are also available for MTP and NOA applications.

Digital processing plant

Digital processing plant

Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC)

Digitalization of products and solutions is the key to successful and integrated collaboration between companies. As one of the founding members of the DDCC, Phoenix Contact, together with partners, supports cross-manufacturer, uniform identification and structured documentation of products and assets.

The consortium is composed of process industry plant operators, technology suppliers, and providers of technical services to plant operators in the process industry.

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