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Surge protection and power supplies complement each other perfectly when it comes to high system availability. Learn more about this on our website or in our e-paper.

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Every system needs well-coordinated components. This is the only way to ensure high system availability, even in the case of high EMC loads. Phoenix Contact offers an unbeatable team that avoids undesirable, expensive production downtime.

Product image of QUINT POWER power supply

QUINT POWER 4th generation power supply

The power supply as the heart of every industrial installation

It has become impossible to imagine controlling and monitoring an electrical system without a 24 V power supply. Even simple automation devices use the advantages of this supply. Therefore, a stable supply with 24 V is very important to retain control over the system.

Product photo of PLUGTRAB PLT-SEC surge protection

PLUGTRAB PLT-SEC type-3 surge protection with Push-in connection technology

Surge protection increases system availability even more

Considering its high impact on system availability, the 24 V power supply is one of the parts of the electrical system that requires special protection. A type-3 surge protective device to directly protect the power supply is therefore a sensible investment in system availability. To ensure the best-possible protection, you should use surge protective devices and power supply components that are perfectly coordinated.

Type 3 PLT-SEC surge protection and QUINT POWER power supply as puzzle pieces

An unbeatable team of PLT-SEC surge protection and QUINT POWER power supply

An unbeatable team

The optimally harmonized combination of single-phase 2nd generation PLUGTRAB PLT-SEC surge protection and the 4th generation QUINT POWER power supply provides maximum protection for your system even under extreme environmental conditions.

Your advantages

  • Up to ten times higher protection for the power supply against overvoltages
  • Double the power supply life expectancy
  • High planning security with a 5-year warranty

Higher current carrying capacity

Symmetrical current distribution in the event of overvoltage

Current carrying capacity

Using harmonized surge protective components enables symmetrical current distribution when overvoltage occurs.

Up to ten times higher protection:

When used with the type 3 PLUGTRAB PLT-SEC 2nd generation surge protective device, the QUINT POWER 4th generation power supply is ten times better able to withstand surge currents than it would be without the protection.

Double the life expectancy:

A comparison to products that are not coordinated with each other shows: Our combination of 2nd generation PLT-SEC surge protection and QUINT POWER 4th generation power supply doubles the power supply’s life expectancy.

Additional information

We have put the components to the test. You can download the results of the coordination tests here.

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If your 4th generation QUINT POWER power supply becomes damaged in the first five years following purchase despite using this combination, you will receive a free replacement.
Load warranty conditions
PLT-SEC surge protection and the QUINT POWER power supply
QUINT POWER power supply

QUINT POWER power supplies

Our team player: QUINT POWER power supply

  • SFB Technology
  • Static and dynamic boost
  • Preventive function monitoring
  • Individual solutions starting from a batch quantity of just 1
PLT-SEC surge protection

PLT-SEC surge protection

Our team player: PLT-SEC surge protection

  • Protection for end devices
  • International certification
  • Status indicator and remote indication contact
  • Pluggable and testable

The unbeatable team for high system availability

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