Hybrid terminal blocks with Push-in connection and screw connection

Hybrid terminal blocks

Hybrid terminal blocks are terminal blocks that have different connection methods on the control cabinet side and the field connection side. This means that the terminal blocks can meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time. The hybrid terminal blocks include various function terminals such as feed-through terminal blocks, disconnect terminal blocks, test-disconnect terminal blocks, and potential distributor terminals.

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Your advantages

• Meet requirements for internal and external wiring simultaneously, thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block
• Free choice of connection technology thanks to combination options
• Space-saving due to the compact design
• Application-compatible design thanks to feed-through- and protective conductor terminal blocks of the same size
• Reduction in logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

Hybrid terminal block side view

Hybrid terminal block with screw connection and Push-in connections

Hybrid terminal blocks for control cabinet manufacturing

Hybrid terminal blocks combine two connection technologies in a single terminal block. This allows the use of fast connection solutions on the internal control cabinet side and the use of universal solutions on the end-customer side. The hybrid terminal blocks are available in various versions. Combine screw connection technology with the proven Push-in, fast- or spring-cage connection. Whichever combination you decide upon, the variety of terminal block versions allow you to create application-oriented designs.

Potential collective terminals for collecting potentials

Potential collective terminals

Compact potential collective terminals

The compact potential collective terminals offer you a wide range of application options. The terminals feature a 35 mm² feed-in that has been realized as a screw connection. The distribution connections, on the other hand, can be selected freely. Here, you can choose between Push-in- or spring-cage connection technology.

Transformer terminal block with accessories

Hybrid test-disconnect terminal block

Test disconnect terminal blocks

Test disconnect terminal blocks offer a high degree of convenience for all the necessary test circuits in secondary current transformer circuits. Also take advantage of the combination possibility provided by connection technology here. Select Push-in connection technology for the connection inside the control cabinet and the universal screw connection for the external transformer connection.