PT fuse terminal blocks

Fuse terminal blocks

With Phoenix Contact fuse terminal blocks, you can accommodate fuses in different designs and with different nominal currents. Using multi-level versions, you can route a protected potential and an unprotected potential through one terminal block. Versions for use in potentially explosive areas with Ex nA type of protection extend the field of application for the terminal blocks and complete the range.

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  • Comprehensive product range for cartridge fuse links, automotive flange fuses, and thermal device circuit breaker plugs
  • Simple potential distribution with continuous function shafts
  • Convenient testing of fuses with test points on both sides
  • Quick identification of faulty fuses and fuse holders regardless of the current direction with LED status indicator
  • Easily accessible fuse-links are easy to replace
  • Same shape as feed-through terminal blocks, knife-disconnect terminal blocks, and disconnect terminal blocks
Fuse terminal block

Fuse terminal block


The easily accessible fuse-links are easy to install and replace. Phoenix Contact provides the following fuse terminal blocks:

  • Lever-type fuse terminal blocks
  • Fuse terminal blocks with screw cap
  • Fuse terminal blocks for accommodating flat-type fuses

The following fuse versions can be mounted on a DIN rail using fuse terminal blocks:

  • Cartridge fuses
  • Midget fuses
  • Type C and F flat-type fuses

Type 10.3 x 38 mm and 10.3 x 85 mm fuse holders and fuses are available specifically for use in photovoltaics up to a maximum of 1,500 V.
Versions of these terminal blocks are available with an LED display to indicate faults.

P-FU fuse plugs

P-FU fuse plugs

P-FU fuse plugs

Fuse plugs for G-type fuse-links from Phoenix Contact are suitable for use in basic disconnect terminal blocks and are particularly flexible:

  • Assemble the plug easily with the desired fuse type
  • Overload and short-circuit protection with a terminal width of just 5.2 mm with the nested design
  • Test contacts on both sides of the fuse
  • Fast identification of faulty fuses with versions with bidirectional fault display
  • Clear assignment with a marking option
Device circuit breakers

Pluggable TCP thermal device circuit breakers

Pluggable TCP thermal device circuit breakers

Our TCP thermal device circuit breakers provide optimum protection against overload for your inductive loads in power distribution systems. The integrated switching function of the device circuit breakers allows them to be switched on again immediately, thereby minimizing downtimes in your system.

  • Suitable for all flat-type fuse terminal blocks of type C thanks to standardized plug-in contacts
  • Reduced downtimes with immediate reset after tripping
  • Can be used as a switch to switch circuits on- and off
  • Space-saving installation with slim design