Surge protective devices for transceiver systems

Surge protection for transmitter and receiver systems

Antennas are real lightning conductors. Use powerful surge protection with low attenuation. Play it safe with our powerful COAXTRAB coaxial protective devices. Select the right low-capacity protective circuits to achieve low attenuation and high bandwidth. Thanks to excellent impedance matching, surge protection does not distort the useful signal.

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Your advantages

  • High surge current discharge with very powerful components
  • No distortion of useful signals - even at high transmission frequencies
  • Protection for all common applications and signals due to the complete product portfolio
  • Versatile use with designs and connection technology available for every application
COAXTRAB from Phoenix Contact: Surge protection for transceiver systems

COAXTRAB protects transceiver systems against damage caused by overvoltages

Protect your communication

Antenna cables and antennas are directly exposed to atmospheric discharge. However, they have excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

But note that the risk of surge voltage coupling is not completely eliminated.

In addition, the infrastructure for wireless transmission must also be protected. Gas discharge tubes or protective devices with Lambda/4 technology are typically used for this.

Benefit from the advantages of the COAXTRAB product family from Phoenix Contact: The surge protective devices have a coaxial design for all standard transmission systems - from trunking through to Wi-Fi transmission.

Surge protection for buildings from Phoenix Contact

Surge protection for building installation

Complete protection even at home

Protect your expensive TV and radio equipment at home against damage caused by overvoltages.

Using our surge protective devices, protect reception via the following transmission systems:

  • Satellite antenna
  • Cable network
  • DVB-T

If you want to provide the best possible protection for your consumer electronics, our combined protective devices offer protection for the power supply and the receiving equipment.