Safety switches

Safety switches

The compact, non-contact PSRswitch safety switch monitors safety doors and positions. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, the switch provides maximum tamper protection and achieves the highest level of functional safety in accordance with EN ISO 14119. Compatible evaluation units, SAC cabling, and integrated diagnostics enable the realization of an economical solution for a digital factory.

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PSRswitch safety switches

PSRswitch compact, non-contact safety switch

PSRswitch non-contact safety switches

The PSRswitch non-contact safety switch safely disconnects machines or systems while a movable guard, such as a hatch or door, is not closed correctly. The switch can also safely monitor several machine positions, for example, of robots.
Each compact switching unit consists of an RFID-coded sensor and an actuator.

Main features

  • Three coding types: Multicode, Unicode, and Fixcode
  • Safe series connection in accordance with EN ISO 14119
  • Up to PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849, even with series connection
  • Integrated restart function on the switch
  • Adjustable actuator head with three approach directions
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Series connection and individual use possible
  • Smart diagnostic channel and PNP diagnostics with LEDs
  • M12 connection

Prevent fault masking with PSRswitch

With the introduction of the new safety standard EN ISO 14119, the prevention of fault masking is becoming increasingly relevant. The video uses the example of safety-door monitoring to show what fault masking is and the hazards it entails. See for yourself how fault masking can be prevented with the PSRswitch non-contact safety switches from Phoenix Contact.

PSRswitch sensor

PSRswitch intelligent sensor

One sensor, numerous possibilities

An overview of all the smart features packed into one compact sensor:

  • Two safe digital inputs
  • Two safe digital outputs
  • The smart diagnostic function provides status information
  • LEDs on the sensor
  • Locally integrated restart function
  • 24 V signal output

Smart diagnostics for the networked factory

The complete safety switch system from Phoenix Contact consists of an evaluation unit and the PSRswitch safety switches. The PSR-MC42 evaluation unit can be used as an IO-Link gateway, and can be combined with up to 30 safety switches connected in series.
For PNP diagnostics, the signal contact serves as an N/O output: It indicates whether the safety equipment is closed.
With the integrated diagnostic channel, all status information (non-safety-related) for the connected safety switches is acquired centrally at the machine controller – even in the case of series connection.

Two diagnostic options

1. IO-Link
Safe series connection has a two-channel design. Parallel to this, status information on the individual switches is transmitted to the PSRmini safety relay via the integrated diagnostic channel. The PSRmini PSR-MC42 safety relay is used as an IO-Link gateway and transmits the non-safety-relevant diagnostic data of the switch via IO-Link to the controller. The data can then be evaluated centrally there.

2. Direct wiring
Direct wiring of the safety switch with the machine control system is another option. The safe series connection also has a two-channel design with this configuration. The safety switches are connected to a safety relay module.

Encoding levels

The sensor is available in three encoding levels: Fixcode, Unicode, and Multicode.

The sensor accepts a single actuator. This actuator is taught in by the user during startup. It is not possible to teach further actuators.

The sensor accepts one actuator. The actuator is taught in by the user during startup. An unlimited number of additional actuators can be taught in one after another. Actuators that were previously taught in are blocked by the sensor and cannot be used anymore.

The sensor accepts all actuators. It is not necessary to teach them in during startup.

Cost-effective complete solution

The safety switches are suitable for both individual use and series connection. You can safely connect up to 30 switches in series.
With compatible evaluation units, configurable SAC cables, and M12 male connectors, we offer a cost-effective complete solution.

  1. PSRswitch safety switches with series connection, Y distributors, bridge plugs, and SAC cabling. The choice of cable length is flexible.

  2. PSRswitch individually wired with SAC cabling. The choice of cable length is flexible.

PSRswitch safety switches with series connection and wired individually

PSRswitch safety switches with series connection and wired individually

Selection guide

Safety sensor with three coding types

Unicode: PSR-CT-C-SEN-1-8
Multicode: PSR-CT-M-SEN-1-8
Fixcode: PSR-CT-F-SEN-1-8


Compatible with all coding types: PSR-CT-C-ACT

Bridge plug

Dummy plug for every sensor circuit: SAC-5P-M12MS BK BR 1-2-4

Y distributors

Type 1 for series connection: SAC-8PY-M/2XF BK 1-PSR
Type 2 for manual startup behavior: SAC-8PY-M/2XF BK 2-PSR
Type 3 for integrated diagnostics via signal contact: SAC-8PY-M/2XF BK 3-PSR