Terminal marking

Terminal marking

Terminal marking ensures that the wiring in the control cabinet is clearly assigned. This helps you prevent errors during setup, and also during maintenance and repair work. Terminal markings differ primarily with regard to the mounting type: markers are available for tall and flat marker grooves, as strips or as marker pins.

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Terminal marking in various formats: UCT, US, UM

Terminal marking in various formats: UCT, US, UM

Terminal marking in control cabinets and systems

Are you looking for a quick and error-free way of wiring terminal strips? Large-surface and clear marking of terminal points is essential for this. This is particularly true for the startup and maintenance of control cabinets and systems. Terminal markings from Phoenix Contact are tailored ideally to the terminal blocks.

You can choose between marked and unmarked terminal markings, available in card format, material off the roll, and even sheet format.

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy with preprinted terminal markings
  • Can be customized with various printing systems
  • Convenient: Can be printed by our marking service
  • Everything from a single source: Markings also available for terminal blocks from other manufacturers