Shield clamps to protect electronic components


Shield clamps protect your systems against electromagnetic interference. This interference can lead to malfunctions or even failure of entire systems. To prevent these scenarios, the shield clamps consist of standard-compliant components. In addition to protecting your systems, the shield clamps are used to satisfy the EMC Directive with respect to CE conformity.

Shield clamps on a DIN rail

Shield clamps on a DIN rail

Professional shielding with shield clamps

Shield connection clamps are used in both the control cabinet and in systems to ensure the EMC-compliant wiring of signals, power supplies, and data cables. The appropriate shielding must be ensured to allow reliable, EMC-compliant operation in the electromagnetic interference fields. The protection, provided by shield connection clamps, prevents both incoming and outgoing interference radiation. The main sources of interference include motor and frequency converters, strong magnetic alternating fields, radio waves, and both the capacitive and inductive couplings of other cables. For systems and machinery manufacturers and operators, there are various legal and normative requirements on electromagnetic compatibility that must be complied with. These requirements are also a part of CE approval.