Signal lights

Signal towers

Phoenix Contact signal lights are available for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
Use modular signal towers to clearly indicate machine and system states in plant engineering. Choose between visual and audible signaling.
The signal lights developed specifically for maritime applications are ideal for use in the harsh outdoor conditions on locks, on bridges, and in harbors.

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Signal towers in diameters of 50 mm and 70 mm

Signal towers in diameters of 50 mm and 70 mm

PSD signal towers – high level of availability due to clear signaling

Increase the availability of your machines and systems. Modular signal towers – also referred to as signal lights – can be used to clearly indicate your machine and system states.

  • Low installation costs with tool-free setup and various mounting options
  • The right signal for every application, thanks to extensive signal diversity
  • Modular design means that the signal tower configuration can be changed quickly
  • Wide range of applications due to UL approval
Signal towers with 50 mm diameter

Compact and cost-effective with a 50 mm diameter

The cost-optimized PSD-S 50 LED signal tower features an attractive industrial design and is ideal for compact machines. With the innovative wiring concept, you can arrange the individual calottes in any sequence.

  • High degree of protection ensures reliability in harsh industrial environments
  • Fast mounting with bayonet lock
Signal towers with 70 mm diameter

Versatile and functional with a 70 mm diameter

With the modular PSD-S signal towers, you can combine optical and audible signal elements flexibly, however you need them. The modular design also allows you to retrofit additional elements at a later time. The signal tower elements are connected mechanically and electrically in seconds with the bayonet lock.

  • Large selection of visual and audible elements
  • Control via IO-Link interface
  • High degree of protection ensures reliability in harsh industrial environments
  • Fast mounting with bayonet lock
3D product view
Experience all details in 3D
View a PSD-S 50 signal tower in detail. To view it from any perspective, you can rotate and swivel the light in 3D view as you wish.
3D view
Signal towers in 3D
Signal lights for maritime applications

Robust and durable LED signal lights

Signal lights for maritime applications

Operate reliable and energy-efficient traffic signal systems and lock systems with the signal lights of the CSD-SL product family. The seawater-resistant signal lights are an integral part of safety-related signaling systems.
Due to the autonomous diagnostic and monitoring functions of the signal lights, status information and alarm messages are available across the entire network.
The dimmable signal lights have high luminosity and color intensity and are available in various light colors (in accordance with IALA E-200-1, CIE 1931).

  • Safety-related function in accordance with safety standard IEC 61508 (safe signal light type 200S)
  • Fast diagnostics and long-term data security by connecting to the network with standard protocols
  • Reliable startup and easy maintenance, thanks to pre-installed software functions for signaling tasks
  • Durable thanks to efficient LED technology and robust aluminum housing
Waterway with lock and signal lights

Class 200 signal lights for inland navigation

The LED signal lights for inland navigation are designed for use on light signal systems and lock systems. The use of autonomous monitoring functions guarantees high availability of the signaling equipment.

The particular advantage of the signal light is the integrated fieldbus communication. For example, to control the light intensity of the LEDs or to define the behavior in the event of a connection abort, the light can be accessed via a modular controller. The light can be connected to the control room for the lock via a PROFINET network, where users can then access a wide range of diagnostics and status information.

Only components that conform to the industry standard are used for the monitoring functions of the signal lights. With the 200S variants, you can also benefit from safe diagnostics in accordance with IEC 61508.

Ship with tugboat

Class 300 signal lights for maritime navigation

For large marine locks, the availability of the signaling systems is a high priority. The signal lights for marine navigation take this customer requirement into consideration through the consistent implementation of redundancy, both for the power supply and for the communication bus.

The particularly robust saltwater-resistant housing and the heavy-duty connection technology are designed for use in challenging environments.

The industrial communication bus can be used to read all alarm and status messages with a time stamp and send them to control systems and databases. Industrial communication standards are available for this, which allow integral automation solutions to be set up easily.

Comprehensive automation

The signal lights are an integral part of the overall solution and make status information and alarm messages available across the entire network.

The signaling systems from support common industrial communication interfaces. They can be easily integrated into existing solutions and higher-level automation concepts by means of bus systems and discrete interfaces.

Phoenix Contact offers the right products to meet even complex requirements on an individual basis. From controller ranges and bus interfaces, remote control technology, and surge protection to the safety concept which takes the requirements of the Machinery Directive into consideration.

Redundant lock solution topology