CRIMPFOX DUO 16S crimping tool


With the crimping tools from the CRIMPFOX product range, you can process any type of contact – ferrule, cable lug or coaxial connector – professionally and safely. Optimized leverage and the ergonomic geometry of the crimping tool handle enables fatigue-free and convenient working. The integrated pressure lock ensures long-term stable, high-quality, gas-tight crimping.

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Your advantages

  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range
  • Easy handling with the ergonomic handle designs
  • Durable due to high-quality components and raw materials

New products

CRIMPFOX DUO 16S crimping pliers

The crimping pliers for all applications


The CRIMPFOX DUO 16S processes ferrules and TWIN ferrules easily and conveniently. The rotating die enables users to insert the ferrules laterally or frontally as required.

Main features

  • Rotating, self-adjusting die
  • Cross-section range from 0.14 mm² to 16 mm² and for TWIN sleeves up to 2 x 6 mm²
  • Small handle opening width
  • Ergonomic design
  • Square crimping

Your Advantages

  • Flexible and easy to insert in any position due to the rotating die
  • With the locking mechanism, the die stays securely in the selected position
  • Together with the integrated pressure lock, automatic cross-section adjustment enables reliable processing of the conductor and sleeve
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Low manual forces and the ergonomic handle design guarantee effortless use

The CRIMPFOX DUO crimping tool allows ferrules to be inserted from the front or the side



The new CRIMPFOX DUO crimping tool can be used in all applications. The rotating die allows ferrules to be inserted from the front or the side. The crimping tool can also process TWIN ferrules reliably due to the self-adjusting mechanism. In combination with the large cross-section range from 0.14 to 10 mm², this ergonomic tool is synonymous with comfort and flexibility.




With its ergonomic design, optimized mechanics, and symmetrical crimping shape, crimping ferrules is child’s play with the CRIMPFOX CENTRUS crimping tool.

With the small opening angle of just 43° and the combination of hard and soft plastic on the handles, the CRIMPFOX CENTRUS crimping tool is comfortable to hold. The crimping tool makes your work easier by optimally transferring the force applied.

Available in two different cross-section ranges, each in a square and hexagonal version, this crimping tool covers a wide range of applications. The precise, symmetrical crimping shape guarantees consistently high-quality results, and therefore absolute process reliability.