FLT-SEC-H-T1-3C-264/25-FM - Type 1+2 combined lightning current and surge arrester

Plug-in lightning current arrester, in accordance with Type 1/Class I, with integrated surge-proof fuse, for 3-phase power supply networks with combined PE and N installed in one conductor (L1, L2, L3, PEN).

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Your advantages

Surge protection family for universal use with optimum energy coordination from the lightning current arrester to the device protection
Easy to maintain due to consistently pluggable protection modules
Excellent level of information provided by mechanical/visual status indicator and remote indication contact
Optimum protective effect in the event of high-energy lightning currents, thanks to spark gap technology with low residual voltage characteristic
Integrated lightning-current-proof backup fuse for a low overall voltage protection level and space savings of up to 80% compared to an external backup fuse