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The future of shipping lies in sustainability.
Phoenix Contact is at your side as an expert partner to facilitate the implementation of your maritime requirements for innovative drive technologies, the use of renewable fuels, and other sustainable solution approaches.

Benefit from our high-performance and reliable solutions for green shipping, even for harsh conditions. Tested and confirmed in accordance with all relevant shipbuilding approvals.

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Empowering the All Electric Society – our contribution to a sustainable maritime industry

To provide a greener future for our planet, Phoenix Contact is already working to make its vision of the future a reality by “Empowering the All Electric Society”. The Global Industry Management Marine division is also contributing significant added value for the conversion to power generation from renewable sources. With solutions for green shipping, such as ecological battery management, it will be possible to implement electrical ship drive systems and to automate electrical nacelle drives. In addition, the maritime-certified components with an Ex design can be used to realize drive systems with highly explosive ecological fuels, such as green hydrogen and synthetic methanol. To be able to implement appropriate automation solutions, the corresponding automation portfolio for zone 1 and zone 2 must have maritime certification.

World map with networking lines – vision of the “All Electric Society”

Future-oriented sailing

Your advantages

  • Reduce emissions by up to 20% and save costs with new technologies and state-of-the-art control technology
  • Reliable partner for green shipping with many years of experience in conventional marine automation
  • A step ahead with secure, intelligent data
  • Protection against unauthorized access thanks to IT security in accordance with IEC 62443
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Exploiting the potential of unlimited wind power

Fresh wind for shipping 20% lower emissions – natural ship propulsion with the power of the wind

To reduce emissions, you need alternative drives. Wind-powered ships already crossed the oceans centuries ago. It is also changing the future of maritime transport companies.

Using a kite to supplement regular ship propulsion can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. Requirements for this are new technologies and reliable automation technology. With our PLCnext ecosystem, weather data, vessel speed, and routes are collected and evaluated automatically. The kite is deployed safely via push button technology from the bridge.

The protection of people and machinery is also guaranteed at all times thanks to the new, economical, and compact PLCnext Safety controller.

Kite management solution But how does it work?

Interactive Image Map: Kite management solution
Kite automation solution with PLCnext Technology
Maximize tensile forces and save fuel thanks to digital twin technology
Bridge Box
The kite is deployed conveniently from the ship’s bridge via push-button technology
Scenario management
Optimized kite positioning through digitally calculated scenarios
Reduce emissions
Maximum savings with optimized performance
Ferry for passenger transport in Copenhagen on the river with the city in the background

Energy always in view with intelligent battery management

Intelligent battery management for electric ferries E-mobility on the water

From harbor tugs to ferries, the desire to operate ships self-sufficiently and without emissions is becoming more and more prevalent. E-mobility is the key phrase here. But how can you best use all-electric solutions to reduce costs and emissions?

Being on water places special demands on the energy storage system to ensure a redundant drive and on-board power supply. Fluctuations in the mains supply, interfering signals, and constant vibrations from the ship’s propulsion and generators must be taken into account and automatically compensated for during operation. Battery management plays a crucial role. The complexity of the solution differs depending on your requirements and the type of vessel.

Phoenix Contact provides the right components for monitoring, safety, and communication to ensure a redundant and reliable drive and on-board power supply.

Future-oriented container ship with the hydrogen fuel cells mark

Sailing into the maritime future with hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel cell automation Empowering zero-emission shipping

Fuel cells offer the ability to generate electrical energy directly on board – with low emissions, noise, and vibrations. The automation of fuel cells is therefore a road map for sustainable shipping. This is an important factor, as more and more coastal regions and port areas are subject to strict environmental regulations.

Whether you want to retrofit a maritime application with fuel cells or are planning a new vessel, we are here to help you deploy sustainable and scalable maritime hydrogen fuel cell systems. We will take care of the digitalization, automation, and monitoring of your application.
A variety of protocols can be used for easy connection to the ship’s control system. Thanks to PLCnext Technology, you have a simple and open programming environment at your disposal. Cybersecurity measures in accordance with IEC 62443 ensure that your data is protected.

Phoenix Contact is a member of the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance” (ECH2A). In addition to the production, transport, and distribution of hydrogen, the alliance also focuses on applications for industry and mobility. This means that Phoenix Contact is your reliable partner for the development and deployment of sustainable and scalable maritime hydrogen fuel cell systems.

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A)
The European ECH2A platform for hydrogen projects was established by the European Union in July 2020. The aim is to promote the development and expansion of a hydrogen economy in Europe. The ECH2A alliance is bringing stakeholders from business, politics, and civil society together to accelerate the development of a hydrogen economy in Europe and to promote agreements on the implementation of generation, transport, and distribution. It has more than 800 members, including European industrial companies, energy producers, investors, NGOs, associations, and research institutes, as well as municipalities, cities, and ministries.
Learn more about the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
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