Energy monitoring in electrical installations Monitor, communicate, and analyze your energy data easily and transparently with our products for efficient energy monitoring.

Installer installing EMpro energy measuring devices in a control cabinet

Energy monitoring is the key to greater energy efficiency: Energy measurement technology must be installed on site so that the consumption values of machines, systems, and buildings can be recorded and energy efficiency measures derived.

An energy monitoring system must be easy to implement, because the focus of the subsequent users is usually on other tasks, namely the actual area of activity for their core business.

We attached a great deal of importance to intuitive handling during the development of our coordinated sensor and measurement technology portfolio. Certain product types of our EMpro energy measuring devices can be connected directly to Rogowski coils from any manufacturer. The mV signal is processed in the device, so you do not need external measuring transducers.

Commissioning is completed in just three steps. This can be performed in minutes, even by users with little specialized knowledge of energy measurement. Digital services and future-oriented communication solutions, such as a direct cloud connection, help you to integrate, manage, and process your data easily.

  • Reduce wiring and configuration effort with intuitively configurable energy measuring devices and the possibility of connecting Rogowski coils directly
  • Fast integration into control and management systems with future-oriented communication solutions and digital services
  • Fast availability of measurement data, without special knowledge of complex networks, through IoT-capable measuring devices with simple plug-and-play integration into

EMpro energy measuring devices EMpro energy measuring devices can be configured and integrated into the network in just three steps

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Less wiring effort through the direct connection of commercially available Rogowski coils
  • Intuitive configuration directly on the device