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Tailored product design for your application Tailor your products to your device design or develop them from scratch

Customize your products from different versions right through to developing a completely new product. Our range of housings and connection technology includes a large variety of options for designing your industrial electronics devices.

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Customer-specific adaptations for your connection solutions

In addition to our standard range, Phoenix Contact also provides a wide variety of customer-specific adaptations. Versatility is the key: from color versions, printing, markings, and codings to machine processing, assemblies, and labeling. Simply contact our specialists.

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Tailored new developments for your device design

Do you have specific requirements and need a new product tailored to your preferences? We will support you with a certified development process, from the initial consultation and concept development to series production and logistics.

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Configurators for device manufacturers

Phoenix Contact provides an innovative portfolio of products for industrial electrical engineering. Are you interested in an item but want to customize it? No problem: Numerous configurators support you as a device manufacturer or device builder in finding the right product or the right solution for your application and to tailor it to your requirements.

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Passive heatsinks and thermal simulations for ICS series electronics housings

Miniaturization brings with it ever-higher packing densities in electronics. This, in turn, requires efficient cooling. Heat dissipation in electronics housings is provided by individual heatsinks, as is the case with the ICS series DIN rail housing. These allow the ICS housings to be used in thermally demanding applications. As a device manufacturer, do you need thermal simulations to support you in designing the PCB layout? Contact us for more information.

Knowledge for device manufacturers

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Bio-based products

Phoenix Contact develops technologies and solutions for a better future. Climate protection and environmental emissions such as carbon dioxide are central starting points of our sustainability strategy. For example, we are switching an initial range of products over to bio-based plastics.

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Our brochures provide an overview of various solutions for device connection in a wide variety of applications.

Excellent services for device manufacturers
Along your development process, Phoenix Contact offers excellent services that make a difference. Discover digital services that simplify your device design.
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