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Water treatment in the drinking water supply supply Control and monitoring of sensitive processes

Meet stringent water quality requirements by ensuring uninterrupted operation. Reliable concepts and components for the automation of your plant ensure maximum availability.

With solutions from Phoenix Contact, you have access to your plant at any time and from anywhere. In the event of a malfunction, simply perform error diagnostics via remote maintenance.

Reliable plant operation for safe drinking water

Impurities and pollution from bacteria and viruses are permanently removed before distribution. The water is treated in various stages, such as oxidation, disinfection, and softening. For safeguarded operation of your plant’s operation, Phoenix Contact provides products and solutions that meet the high requirements on water treatment. With redundant systems, the sensitive processes in your plant are reliably controlled and monitored – from the field all the way to the control level.

Our solutions for your processes

Control cabinet for controlling the treatment plant
Control cabinet in the ozone system
Redundant high-performance controllers
Control cabinet for controlling the treatment plant

For the precise control of the treatment plant when chlorine dioxide is applied, the measured values for flow rate and residual chlorine are used. The combination of modular control technology with integrated eHMI and ready-programmed visualization blocks allows precise control with on-site operation using a web-based touch display.

Control cabinet in the ozone system

A secure connection is established between the field devices and the controller to control the concentration of ozone gas in an oxidation process. Analog and digital inputs and outputs make it possible to easily handle the signals at this level. This information is transmitted to the control system through standard communication protocols such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, and PROFINET.

Redundant high-performance controllers

Different types of pollution require different treatment processes. Complete redundancy concepts with the high-performance RFC 4072S safety controller contribute to uninterrupted operation. It is also possible to use it in applications with the highest safety requirements in accordance with SIL 3 or PLe, respectively.

Consistent redundancy, from the field level to the control room

Failsafe performance is crucial, in particular in the various stages of water treatment. To guarantee maximum availability, it is vital to establish a redundant system.
Phoenix Contact provides reliable concepts and redundant components for the automation of your plant. From the easy integration of field devices, through the control and network level, all the way to the control system, a broad product and solution range is available. You can therefore ensure the uninterrupted and continuous operation of your plant.

Topology of redundant communication

Maximum availability in water treatment

Interior shot of water supply system

Your advantages

  • Always keep an eye on your system thanks to on-site visualization with integrated remote diagnostics
  • Reliable signal acquisition from plant parts, even in the event of a power failure
  • Uninterrupted operation with a redundancy concept with high-performance safety controllers
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