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In a water distribution network, it is essential that remote stations are continuously monitored and controlled.

Minimize water loss by using turn-key solutions from remote monitoring to leakage management. Benefit from maximum data availability with access anytime, anywhere.

Future-proof long-distance water supply

An extensive supply network is often required to make drinking water available at many points. Continuous access to all systems for control and monitoring purposes is absolutely essential in this. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact provides turnkey solutions, from remote monitoring, to leakage management systems, right through to minimizing water losses. A cloud connection of the individual controllers allows access to all relevant system data through a secure connection.

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Man with access to the cloud via tablet
Leak in a pipeline
Remote monitoring
Man with access to the cloud via tablet

The use of PLCnext Control devices allows communication to a cloud with little effort. Data from the connected devices at each well can be called up over a direct connection. Information such as operating hours, utilization, and power consumption is transmitted to any cloud via MQTT, for example.

Benefit from maximum availability, because you can access your data anytime, anywhere. This transparency makes it possible to establish immediate measures or long-term steps, such as maintenance management. Well control through the cloud is also possible, and can be established as a redundant system.

Leak in a pipeline

The quantity of drinking water required from the network varies during the day, meaning that the flow rate and pipeline pressure are of great importance when considering leakage losses.

Together with partners, Phoenix Contact has developed a solution for minimizing losses in the pipeline. The solution is based on pressure management that does not depend on what is removed from the system.

Remote monitoring

In a water distribution network, it is essential that remote stations are continuously monitored and controlled. Phoenix Contact offers special solutions for leakage and pipeline management based on modular control technology.

In addition to data transmission, various media such as SHDSL, wireless, and cellular technology are used. The solutions support modular extension and with parameterization instead of programming, they can be easily started up.

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Modular control technology for leakage and pipeline management

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Your advantages

  • Cloud connection made possible easily with the use of PLCnext Technology
  • Minimization of water losses with leakage management systems
  • Data transparency: from the control room or mobile end device
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