Modular production line made up of in-house machine building from Phoenix Contact

Manufacture without interruptions on a modular assembly line In-house machine building has tradition at Phoenix Contact

Highly automated assembly lines producing components of the highest quality are essential for machine building with innovative ideas, comprehensive expertise, and years of experience.

Therefore, the Phoenix Contact Machine Building department develops and produces appropriate systems in-house. Among others things, highly cyclical assembly systems with low cycle times are designed and implemented.

The department has 260 employees and supports all Phoenix Contact business units as well as developing and manufacturing sites worldwide.

Modular assembly line for Axioline I/O modules at Phoenix Contact

Modular assembly line

An example of the strength of innovation in machine building is the modular assembly line for Axioline I/O modules. Currently, more than 100 different I/O modules are built in the system. To enable this flexibility, the components to be produced move through the entire system on component carriers in a circulating system.

An assembly line this size must work continuously for the investment to be recovered quickly. To prevent downtime, every component must have an extremely high level of reliability. Here, the power supply takes on particular significance because if the controller is not supplied with 24 V DC, it will fail and the machine will stop.

QUINT-POWER-Stromversorgung in einem dezentralen Schaltkasten

Spannungsversorgung in dezentralen Schaltkästen

Die Stromversorgungen werden in kleinen dezentralen Schaltkästen eingesetzt, die sich direkt an der Maschine befinden.

Dank integrierter SFB Technology (Selective Fuse Breaking) lösen die primär getakteten Stromversorgungen Standard-Leitungsschutzschalter zuverlässig und schnell aus. Dadurch werden fehlerhafte Strompfade selektiv abgeschaltet, der Fehler ist eingegrenzt und wichtige Maschinenteile bleiben in Betrieb.

Die präventive Funktionsüberwachung meldet kritische Betriebszustände, bevor Fehler auftreten. Außerdem ermöglicht die statische Leistungsreserve POWER BOOST ein zuverlässiges Starten von Lasten mit hohen Einschaltströmen.

Uninterruptible QUINT UPS IQ power supply installed in the central control cabinet

Power supply in the central control cabinet

The machine builder opted for the QUINT DC UPS uninterruptible power supply for the central control cabinet.

The costs of data loss or production interruption are very high, meaning an uninterruptible solution makes good sense. In the event of a power failure, the power supply unit provides the controller and the industrial PC with 24 V DC for long enough to ensure that important process data is saved and the industrial PC can be shut down in a controlled way.