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Integrate smart devices into your network reliably Connection of smart devices – secure connection and integration of smart devices and IoT sensors

With increasing IIoT networking within production, the importance of mobile end devices that can be used regardless of location for configuration, maintenance, and information retrieval continues to grow. This requires infrastructures that enable simple integration of the devices via WLAN. With our products and solutions, we provide you with:

  • The ability to provide fast, secure, and reliable WLAN connections between machines and mobile end devices.
  • Smart tools for implementing secured, temporary access points.
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Smart sensors, smartphones, and tablets in the Digital Factory

In the past, recommended actions and information were primarily communicated to production employees and maintenance teams via permanently installed monitors, wired operator panels, and printed manuals.
With the advent of cyber-physical networks and the IIoT concept, smart devices (cellphones, tablets, sensors) are increasingly entering into the production realm. This is presenting the operator with the following challenges:

  • Developing reliable and fast wireless communication via WLAN between smart devices and the system.
  • Providing a way to flexibly and securely integrate smart devices into the Digital Factory.
  • Securing the administration of access management of devices to protect machines and equipment from unauthorized access.

Secure connection of smart devices and production facilities

WLAN 1100 Industrial Ethernet product

Wireless Ethernet for high reliability

Our WLAN products enable reliable communication at high bandwidths. You also benefit from a compact design and wide range for use throughout your entire production facility.

The wide range and compact design of the WLAN 1100 wireless module enables cost-effective and space-saving installation throughout your production facility. It also offers the provision of a local WLAN network (access point) as well as integration into a higher-level WLAN network.

Person in production with tablet

Intelligent PLCnext software for high security

Our PLCnext controllers make it easy to implement functions such as opening temporary access points, access restrictions for smart devices, generating one-time passwords, and simple device connection via QR code scan. Discover our “WLAN for mobile devices“ software, available for immediate download in the PLCnext Store.

Our production is already benefiting from this solution today. It enables mobile access to the visualization of a production machine by means of a tablet, enabling actuators to be operated manually and from any location for the purpose of maintenance measures.

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Lukas Wehage
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Added value for your network structure

With our “Connection of Smart Devices” solution, we provide you with:

  • A comprehensive product portfolio for reliable and secure WLAN connectivity.
  • Efficient solutions for connecting, configuring, and maintaining smart devices.