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AI-based data evaluation for intelligent production optimization Anomaly detection – simple machine learning with MLnext

The increasing amount of data poses a challenge for data collection and analysis by experts. Here, hidden potential can be discovered through AI-based data analysis. With MLnext, we offer you:

  • The ability to independently create machine learning algorithms for production optimization.
  • A ready-to-order algorithm for production optimization.
  • AI-based recommended actions for employees in production based on the latest data.
Anomaly detection

Production optimization with AI

If a production facility is fully equipped with data acquisition capabilities and this data is available in a standardized form for OT and IT, the greatest challenge is the beneficial evaluation of data. However, the data volumes are often too large. Production processes change too quickly for this data to be evaluated manually. This problem is amplified again if the operator wants to perform an evaluation across multiple locations. However, seamless data evaluation is absolutely necessary, otherwise hidden potentials cannot be uncovered.

The company therefore needs to utilize artificial intelligence to analyze the data. However, many companies do not have the necessary expertise or capacity to program and maintain such an algorithm. By depending on a service provider, the company is granting insight into its processes and data, and placing themselves in a costly dependency.

For this reason, a large number of companies are looking for a way to implement an AI-based algorithm for process optimization, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance without having to reveal too much expertise and still be able to make adjustments independently.

Anomaly detection with neural networks

MLnext Technology
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MLnext Technology

Our solutions for generating machine learning algorithms through MLnext make it possible to quickly and easily identify anomalies in production processes or loads and to implement optimizations.

The MLnext range includes three different software solutions.

For a comprehensive consultation on this subject, we offer you numerous services in which we show you the potentials in your production.
Let us take a look together at how MLnext can be integrated into your infrastructure. In order to find a tailor-made solution together, we will look at the existing framework conditions within your production together with you with our MLnext services.

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Our MLnext Framework enables you to program your own algorithm in a prepared environment. A large number of basic functions are already prepared so that the effort is significantly reduced while you can still act completely independently. Available free of charge as open source.

Download MLnext Framework
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Industry-secure and encapsulated execution of neural networks in production:
You perform the configuration work yourself, either with the aid of a service provider recommended by us or by calling on the team of experts at Phoenix Contact.

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Let us guide you step-by-step through the creation and customization of an algorithm. With MLnext Creation, your programming work is reduced considerably – all you have to do is the configuration work.

Download MLnext Creation

With MLnext, we were able to implement and optimize our machine learning solutions from the lab into the production environment. This has reduced downtimes and enabled maintenance to be carried out more effectively.

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Increase productivity sustainably and intelligently

Our MLnext range offers you:

  • The freedom to decide for yourself whether and how much expertise you want to share with us to create an AI-based production optimization system.
  • The ability to uncover hidden and unused potential in your processes to become even more competitive in the future.
  • Easy integration of machine learning algorithms into your existing workflows and IT structures.
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