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Conductor connection XT terminal blocks

Save a lot of time with Push-X technology

The new Push-X technology from Phoenix Contact speeds up wiring processes and increases efficiency. The system is suitable for all types of conductors, whether rigid or flexible, with or without ferrules.
Knife-disconnect terminal blocks with two disconnect zones

Compact and universal signal distribution

The new PT 2,5-2MTB Push-in terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have two disconnect zones. In conjunction with the three double function shafts, they enable a wide range of distribution applications to be realized in a small space. Compared to a standard disconnect terminal block, the compact PT 2,5-2MTB reduces the length of the terminal strip by half.
DIN rail adapters for mounting preassembled terminal strips

Simplified mounting of preassembled DIN rails

The Railfix DIN rail adapter from Phoenix Contact optimizes control cabinet building because it simplifies the mounting of fully equipped DIN rails. It is no longer necessary to remove individual components on the terminal strip in order to mount the DIN rail.
Mini double-level terminal blocks on an NS 15 DIN rail

Space-saving wiring with mini multi-level terminal blocks

Mini terminal blocks are particularly suitable for mounting in small control boxes, connection boxes, and control panels. Phoenix Contact is introducing the new MUTTB mini double-level terminal blocks, which enable extremely space-saving wiring.
Red LPS service connector in an XT 2,5 Push-X terminal block

Connectors with lever Push-in technology

New from Phoenix Contact: Service and load-contact connectors with lever Push-in technology.
LP Combi connectors, 1- to 15-pos. and for self-assembly

Plug-in terminal blocks with system

The Combi plug-in terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have a standardized plug-in zone.
PT 2,5-4L four-level terminal blocks with accessories

Multi-level terminal blocks with Push-in connection for space-saving wiring on multiple levels

With the new PT 2,5-4L… four-level terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact offers a particularly compact terminal block family.
XT portfolio with frontal Push-X connection

Automated wiring for all types of conductors

In addition to the XTV terminal blocks with lateral conductor routing, the first terminal blocks with frontal Push-X connection are now available from Phoenix Contact. The XT portfolio consists of feed-through and multi-conductor terminal blocks as well as function versions for using disconnect knives, plug-in fuses, and components.
Online configurator for Fame plug-in test system in 3D

3D online configurator for modular plug-in test systems

The Fame plug-in test systems are the modular system kit for energy technology from Phoenix Contact. With the Fame configurator, individual solutions for the function testing of current and voltage transformers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, can now be created in just a few clicks.
Lengthways or crosswise on the DIN rail

Space-saving wiring of multiple potentials

The new FIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact are the first to carry more than just one potential.
Mounting option of the distribution blocks on DIN rails

Monoblocks with two connection points

The new PTVFIX blocks from Phoenix Contact have a lateral conductor connection.
Push-X terminal blocks for connecting different types of conductors

High operating convenience with new connection technology

The new XTV terminal block family is the first product family with the new Push-X connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Compared to the existing Push-in connection technology, Push-X serves all conductor types in direct wiring without exception.
MPT miniature terminal block

Small terminal blocks for maximum benefits

The terminal blocks in miniature format from Phoenix Contact can be conveniently wired and mounted in various ways in even the narrowest of spaces. Depending on the application, the miniature terminal blocks are available with Push-in or screw connection technology.
Terminal strip with PTI Push-in installation terminal blocks

The best solution for modern building technology

The PTI installation terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact facilitate the quick and space-saving configuration of building distribution boards.
PTVFIX distribution blocks with various mounting options

Compact modular distribution blocks with lateral Push-in connection

The new PTVFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact are a combination of the PTFIX distribution block system and the PTV series with vertical conductor connection.