Space-saving wiring with mini multi-level terminal blocks

Mini double-level terminal blocks on an NS 15 DIN rail

Mini terminal blocks are particularly suitable for mounting in small control boxes, connection boxes, and control panels. Phoenix Contact is introducing the new MUTTB mini double-level terminal blocks, which enable extremely space-saving wiring.

The screw connection technology also enables multi-conductor connections. The terminal blocks feature function shafts on both levels, despite their compact design, meaning that they are very flexible in application. The function shafts can be equipped with standardized bridges and test plugs of the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system. The compatible level bridges and bridged versions enable easy level bridging. A total of four tall, outer marking grooves are provided to accommodate tall marking material. The terminal point markings ensure a clear overview. The mini double-level terminal blocks can be mounted on DIN 15 and DIN 35 rails.

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Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications