Continuous power

Your solution for a reliable power system

Maximum system availability has the highest priority in all industries and sectors. The prerequisite for this is a power supply that you can rely on.

Ensure uninterrupted system operation by using QUINT – the complete solution for reliable 24 V supply.

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Power supply system “Continuous Power” represented by the infinity symbol

QUINT power system

QUINT is the complete solution for reliable 24 V supply. You can ensure uninterrupted system operation with individual products or combinations of products from the optimally coordinated range of power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and uninterruptible power supplies. Powerful, intelligent, and compatible – QUINT ensures superior availability.

Your advantages

  • High availability, thanks to a powerful portfolio
  • Easy integration through coordinated components
  • Preventive maintenance through an intelligent and communicative system
  • Efficient processes, thanks to 3D data, configurator, and Push-in connection technology
  • Individual solutions starting from a batch quantity of just 1
  • The QUINT power system is part of the COMPLETE line system
QUINT power system
QUINT power system YouTube
A huge range of product versions: QUINT power supply system

A huge range of product versions: Always suitable for your application

With over 100 products to choose from, QUINT provides the right solution for every application.




The new communicative QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link can be integrated into industrial networks quickly and easily.

With the integrated IO-Link interface, all the relevant operating data of the power supply can be made available in the higher-level automation system, thereby raising preventive function monitoring to a completely new level.

Moreover, the power supply enables configuration via IO-Link. The direct adoption of the configuration after a device replacement saves time and avoids user errors.

Unlimited number of possible combinations: Continuous 24 V for every application

Buffered 24 V

Buffered 24 V

In order to ensure the availability of the system even in the event of faults such as mains failures, brief mains interruptions, and voltage fluctuations, it is a good idea design the power supply system to be uninterruptible. To do this, select a UPS module that is rated for the load current. In combination with an energy storage solution suitable for your application, you can reliably buffer your system over a period of just a few seconds right through to several hours.

  • Continued uninterrupted supply even in the event of a mains failure
  • Monitoring and signaling of operating and battery states
  • Intelligent battery and load management
Decoupled 24 V

Decoupled 24 V

The redundant operation of power supplies is essential for setting up the most reliable auxiliary power network possible in systems with the highest demands on availability. To make this redundancy a reality, two power supplies are connected in parallel and decoupled from one another using redundancy modules. QUINT S-ORING modules in conjunction with QUINT power supplies ensure maximum reliability by providing consistent redundancy right through to the load with two separate current paths and by avoiding single points of failure.

  • Comprehensive decoupling monitoring at all points of the supply system
  • Dual surge protection on the secondary side with SIL3 certification
  • Minimum power dissipation with MOSFET technology
Regenerated 24 V

Regenerated 24 V

In most applications in practically all industries, more than one DC load is supplied in parallel by a power supply. In such applications, it is advisable to decouple sensitive loads such as a controller or sensors from other loads to prevent interference caused by feedback. You can use our QUINT DC/DC converter to electrically isolate your loads from each other to ensure that your application is even more reliable.

  • Decoupling loads with electrical isolation
  • Voltage regeneration to negate voltage drops, for example at the end of long cables
  • Voltage level conversion between 12 V DC, 24 V DC, and 48 V DC

Simple processes: From the initial idea to smooth operation

Easy product selection, installation, and maintenance

The QUINT power supply solution not only delivers superior system availability, but also enables easy product selection, installation, and maintenance:

  • Items with digital descriptions: A digital item description supports engineering, installation, production, and maintenance.

  • Custom configuration: Optimally adapt your QUINT POWER power supply to your specific application. Set the various parameters individually and order your customized power supply starting from a batch quantity of just one.

  • Easy installation: Push-in connection technology ensures quick and easy installation.

  • Plannable service intervals: The battery management system with IQ Technology warns you in advance before failures occur.

  • Remote monitoring: Using the intelligent UPS allows you to see the operating state of your system from anywhere, at any time.

Live demo
Intelligent supply system
With the intelligent QUINT power supply system with battery management system (BMS) and IQ Technology you are informed of the state of charge and the remaining runtime of your energy storage system, and are warned in advance before failures occur. Take a look at the live demo of our power supply system in action in the Phoenix Contact Metal Parts Production facility. An interactive cloud dashboard displays the power supply system status data 24/7. User: demohmi Password: Demo1234
Live demo of QUINT POWER
Intelligent QUINT UPS solution

How can continuously high system availability be ensured? The key answers to your questions.

How can a reliable supply be ensured even in the event of mains failures?
You can prevent your system from failing by using an uninterruptible power supply consisting of a power supply, UPS, and energy storage. The UPS takes over in the event of a mains failure. It switches over to the energy storage to ensure that the connected loads continue to be supplied with power without interruption. To set up the uninterruptible power supply, select a UPS module rated for the load current and combine it with the appropriate energy storage solution for your application.

How long and how reliably will a system be supplied in the event of a mains failure?
Our energy storage solutions can buffer your system for a period of a few seconds right through to several hours. The ambient and operating conditions within your application influence the service life of the energy storage system. Lead batteries feature a long buffer time, while lithium-ion batteries and capacitor modules are characterized by their high temperature and cycle stability.

How can voltage fluctuations in a system be compensated?
If there are voltage drops at the end of long cables, the wide input range of DC/DC converters reliably restores the voltage level to the nominal output voltage. The loads are also supplied safely and reliably in battery-operated systems. This ensures a regulated DC voltage throughout.

How can the voltage quality be increased for particularly sensitive loads in a system?
QUINT DC/DC converters feature electrical isolation that separates sensitive loads from interfering loads, thus ensuring a reliable supply.

How do you create a redundant power supply system with separated current paths and equal load distribution?
When the QUINT power supplies are in parallel mode, the load is evenly distributed between the two power supplies. The output characteristic curve is inclined slightly to ensure that the operating points of both devices meet in the middle. In combination with QUINT S-ORING modules, both supply networks are decoupled from each other.

What is the difference between a parallel connection to increase power and redundant operation?
In the event of a power increase, the total load equals the maximum current of both power supplies. If one device fails, the reliable supply of the load is no longer guaranteed. In a redundant system, both power supplies must be configured so that they can also support the total load current alone. This means a maximum utilization of 50% per power supply.

A huge range of possible applications The powerful QUINT power supply solution is particularly suitable for industries in which superior system availability is required.

Process industry
Automotive industry
Wind power
Power transmission and distribution
Container ship
Railway industry
urban infrastructure