Programmable logic relay system

Programmable logic relay system

Extremely compact control and switching

Combine the relays and analog modules with logic functions and intuitive software.

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On the logic module market, the PLC logic relay system is the first to combine logic, interface, and field connection levels in a single solution. This means that you can switch and control I/O signals using a single compact system.You can combine the logic module with the corresponding relays and analog modules as required. The modular structure opens up a wealth of applications.

Your advantages

  • High availability, thanks to plug-in switching elements
  • Combine flexibly: assemble each channel individually as an input or output with relays or analog modules, depending on the application requirement
  • Efficient wiring, thanks to Push-in connection technology and special versions for the sensor or actuator wiring
  • Easy implementation of projects, thanks to intuitive software
  • Wireless operation and monitoring, by means of a Bluetooth adapter and PLC logic app

The system at a glance

You can flexibly extend the system, thanks to the wide choice of different modules. In addition to the basic module, extension modules are also available for more complex tasks. Eight freely-selectable PLC-INTERFACE terminal blocks are available for each logic module. Acquire and switch up to 48 I/O signals with one basic module and two extension modules.

Overview of system components

Components of the logic relay system

1) Basic module

PLC logic processes 16 I/O signals with just one basic module, with an overall width of just 50 mm.

2) Extension modules

The basic module and the extension module are connected via integrated connectors - no tools required.

3) Memory module

Save programs or easily copy them to other devices.

4) Relay and analog modules

The modular design with the widest variety of relay and analog modules enables channel-specific assembly.

5) PLC logic app

Easy and quick parameter adjustments and monitoring via app for iOS and Android. Thanks to the app and the corresponding Bluetooth adapter, you can access the process data quickly and wirelessly.


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Extremely compact control with PLC logic

Implement small automation tasks quickly and easily.

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