The Phoenix Contact TRIO 750VA AC UPS

Are you making the most of your cabinet space?

Save space by simplifying your battery backup solution! TRIO AC-UPS features integrated batteries and remote diagnostics.

Cabinet space is always at a premium. Common AC-UPS solutions are large, cumbersome, and often not UL listed for control cabinet applications. Battery maintenance is another difficult issue to deal with.

What’s the ideal solution?  UL listed AC-UPS with hot-swappable batteries.

Our TRIO 750 VA AC-UPS will do just that for your cabinet.

TRIO 750 VA AC-UPS is an off-line UPS with classification code per IEC 62040-3: VFD-SS-311.  It is capable of providing 600 W of power from the integrated 3.4 Ah valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery.

These units feature a battery that is easily replaced while UPS is in mains mode. This makes them hot-swap capable by eliminating the need to shut down the system for a battery


  • 3.4 Ah battery included
  • Hot-swap battery replacement
  • DIN rail- or panel-mount options
  • Expand battery backup with a second 3.4 Ah battery (P/N: 2320306)
  • Five-year warranty on UPS module
  • Start from battery, with no AC mains present
  • Push-in terminals
  • 700 VA (600 W) of available output power
  • One-year warranty on batteries

Physical features

  1. Connection terminals for AC input

  2. Connection terminals for AC output

  3. Signaling output terminals

  4. Rotary selector switch for timing and service mode

  5. LED status indicators

  6. Connection terminals for additional battery expansion

  7. Mini USB connection (type B)

  8. Battery cover

  9. DIN rail adapter (on rear of housing)

  10. Input fuse

  11. Battery fuse

  12. Battery connection contacts

  13. Individual battery modules

  14. Battery connection cables

Battery backup times

To determine backup times, the load power needs to be a known value. If the load and time requirements need an external battery added, it is indicated with the “1+1” designation.

Replacement batteries are the commonly available Panasonic UP-VW1220P1 modules. Two are required for the UPS, and two are required for the external battery module.

Signaling and communications

The TRIO AC-UPS is capable of providing diagnostic information in regards to the condition of the battery backup system. As shown in figure 5, there are terminals for multiple outputs and control inputs.

Using these terminals allows for a forced shutdown/startup from the battery bank, indication of the battery readiness, indication of battery mode, and alarm conditions.

LEDs provide localized indication of the present condition of the UPS including:

  • AC input condition
  • Battery operation
  • Battery failure
  • Battery charging
  • Service mode
  • Overload in battery mode
  • Many others


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