Current transformer, plug-in

Extremely versatile

Extremely versatile

PACT current transformers are available with a range of different transformation ratios, accuracy classes and rated power values for your current measurement tasks.

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This product is designed to meet European application requirements. Please consult with Phoenix Contact USA to determine suitability for installations in North America.

PACT current transformers transform currents from 1 to 4000 A into secondary rated currents of 1 or 5 A AC. They are available in around 3000 versions as bus-bar, plug-in and winding current transformers.

Your advantages

  • Variable mounting, thanks to brackets that support flexible use
  • Space-saving installation with compact design and consistent 30 mm housing width
  • Extra safety: safe isolation according to EN 50178 up to 1000 V
  • Detect peak loads reliably with a thermal nominal continuous current that is 120-percent of the primary rated current
  • Safe wiring, thanks to innovative connection technology

Saves space and time – current transformer quick-action mechanism


The quick-action mechanism allows PACT current transformers to be installed quickly and securely on the power rail.  The transformers can also be mounted by hand in areas where a screwdriver does not fit.

Also available for higher accuracy classes

PACT current transformers also available for higher accuracy classes  

PACT current transformers also available for higher accuracy classes

For standard applications, such as in machine or system engineering, Phoenix Contact offers current transformers with accuracy classes 0.5 and 1 in a version that cannot be calibrated.

For higher accuracy or for billing purposes in energy supply, type-tested transformers that can be calibrated as well as calibrated transformers are available - with classes 0.2/0.2, S/0.5 and 0.5 S.


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