Crimping tool

Crimping tool

Professional crimping

Mechanical crimping pliers can be used to crimp all types of contact safely and effortlessly.

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    The connector product range offers a comprehensive range of different versions for conductor cross sections from 0.5 to 240 mm².

  • Product list Crimping tools
    Crimping tools

    Rugged crimping tools for fast contact processing, plus corresponding connectors in various different versions.

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Process all types of contact – ferrule, cable lug or coaxial connector – professionally and safely. Optimized leverage and the ergonomic handle geometry make for light work.

Your advantages

  • Everything from a single source, thanks to the comprehensive product range
  • Easy handling, thanks to the ergonomic handle design
  • Durable, thanks to high-quality components and raw materials


CRIMPFOX Centrus  


With its ergonomic design, optimized mechanical design, and symmetrical crimping shape, crimping ferrules is child's play with the CRIMPFOX Centrus.

Thanks to the small opening angle of just 43° and the combination of hard and soft plastic on the handles, the Centrus is comfortable to hold. The pliers make for light work thanks to the optimized transfer of force.

Available in two different cross section ranges, in a square and hexagonal version, the crimping pliers cover a wide range of applications. The precise, symmetrical crimping shape guarantees consistently high quality results and therefore absolute process reliability.


Multifunctional crimping tool  

Multifunctional crimping tool

CRIMPFOX 4IN1 are multi-functional crimping pliers for processing conductors and ferrules. With just one tool you can complete various tasks: cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping. The newly integrated 4-level pressure lock also enables industrial use.

One for all

Crimping pliers  

Crimping pliers

One set of crimping pliers for various different contact inserts? Yes, it is possible. Simply swap dies according to the application and process contacts up to 50 mm2 with the same set of crimping pliers.

The integrated pressure lock ensures a consistent, long-term stable press capacity and therefore gas-tight crimping.


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Multifunctional crimping tool