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Power protection for all stages, every requirement and all applications – from the service entrance, to distribution panel to the termination device in the control cabinet.

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Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of surge protection products for DC as well as AC power circuits. Surge protection solutions for remote site, service entrance, sub-panel, control cabinet, externally mounted (NEMA) and DIN rail-mount. Our complete concept for surge protection offers user-friendly, ready-to-install solutions for all applications.


  • Used in all standard power systems, for all levels of power protection
  • Coordinated-hybrid surge protection to handle high surge energy and faster response
  • Space-saving, cost-effective installation, thanks to slim design
  • Pluggable, hot-swappable features help save wiring time and eliminate downtime

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Protection for every stage, for any application

Protection stages for surge protection  

Protection stages for surge protection

Surge voltages are potential interference factors. Without effective protection, you could suffer the high cost of repairing or replacing the equipment affected.

The multi-stage concept from Phoenix Contact provides effective protection for your systems and devices.

  • Type 1 protection: Spark gap and Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) based surge protection devices for service entrance
  • Type 2 protection: MOV based surge protection for distribution panels
  • Type 3 protection: Device protection or surge protection for power supply units

Combinations of lightning and surge protection devices are also used.  Protection for US network types includes surge protection for US installation requirements, according to UL 1449 3rd Edition and NEMA



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Surge protection for the power supply


Surge protection for the power supply

Learning module on surge protection for the power supply.

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