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Installation technology

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Phoenix Contact installation technology provides you with all the cables, connectors, and tools you need to create fiber-optic and copper fieldbus networks that are suitable for industrial applications. In a world that is presenting us with growing data quantities, more EMC interference, and longer distances to cover, fiber-optic technology is gaining an increasingly high profile. If reliable, fast copper cabling is what you are looking for, we offer a product range that includes individual cables available by the meter, cables pre-assembled with connectors, and various panel feed-throughs. Depending on the application, products are available with a high degree of protection for the control cabinet as well as for direct field installation.

Your advantages

  • Installation system adapted for devices in the control cabinet and for field devices with a high degree of protection
  • Easy assembly of FO cables in the field
  • Pre-assembled, tested cables for quick, error-free installation

SUBCON plug with M12 connection and IP65

The fieldbus plug with D-SUB and M12 interface acts as an interface between the indoor and outdoor world  

The fieldbus plug with D-SUB and M12 interface acts as an interface between the indoor and outdoor world.

The fieldbus plugs for PROFIBUS and CANopen® combine the D-SUB connection typical of IP20 with the M12 connector that has long been the favorite for IP65 modules.

Thanks to various cable entries, the M12 fast connection plugs can be used in many versatile ways. The new, fully-molded housing offers the highest degree of mechanical protection at a comparatively low weight. This allows the products to be ideally put to use in applications subject to strong vibrations without endangering expensive modules.

The SPEEDCON M12 connection enables error-free locking with just one rotation. In this manner, ready-made components are installed very quickly.

Fast connection SUBCON plugs specially designed for PROFIBUS devices

90° PROFIBUS connector  

90° PROFIBUS connector

We have designed fast connection plugs in different versions specifically for use in PROFIBUS systems. These enable you to connect incoming and outgoing bus lines quickly and conveniently. The product range includes fast connection plugs for every PROFIBUS application:

  • 35° and 90° angled cable entry
  • Axial cable entry
  • Additional programming interface
  • Integrated, switchable termination resistors

You can use the plugs for PROFIBUS cables with both solid and stranded copper wires. All versions already have an integrated termination resistor. A slide switch enables you to activate the termination resistor from the outside.

Universal SUBCON plugs for all requirements

Fast connection plugs from the SUBCON range  

Fast connection plugs from the SUBCON range

Stay flexible. Thanks to the universal plugs from the SUBCON range, you are not tied to one system. You even get a user-friendly connection for protocols developed in-house without the need for soldering and crimping.

Phoenix Contact offers versions with 9, 15 or 25 contacts for all commonly used interfaces, such as RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, TTY, and many more.

Copper tool: Assemble PROFIBUS cables easily

Cable assembly with quick stripping tool  

Cable assembly with quick stripping tool

Minimal work. The PSM-STRIP-FC/PROFIB quick stripping tool can be used to assemble the Profibus cable. You can complete two tasks with a single tool:

  • Strip cable and single wires and insert them into the plug.
  • Close the plug housing cover – and you're done!

FO tool: Tool case – easy connection on site

PSM-HCS-KONFTOOL tool case  


Practical decision. All tools and plugs for practical assembly are now readily available on site. You can find the complete range of tools in the PSM-HCS-KONFTOOL tool case. This means you are perfectly equipped for every task:

  • Strip the fibers: stripping pliers, fiber strippers, aramide yarn scissors
  • Push on the individual plug components and screw them in place
  • Cleave and break the fibers at the front of the plug: fiber cleaving tool

This patented fiber cleaving tool dispenses with all time-consuming tasks such as crimping, bonding, and polishing.

Fiber optic cables and plugs

FO cables  

FO cables

Fiber optic cables round off the fiber optic range, providing you with a complete transmission system. Depending on the required range, you can choose between polymer fiber, HCS (hard clad silica) fiber or fiberglass technology.

Phoenix Contact offers specially developed cable variants for different application and ambient conditions:

  • Pre-assembled fiber optic cables with freely selectable plug combinations
  • Fiber optic cable by the meter
  • Pre-assembled patch cable for fast integration of fiber optic devices into existing fiber optic networks

We offer patch cables in lengths of one, two, and five meters as single mode and multimode fiberglass options.


You can self-assemble a plug set for HCS and polymer fibers quickly and easily on site. Depending on which connection your devices use, you can choose between FSMA, B-FOC (ST®), SCRJ and SC duplex plug types.


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